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AVR SSD1306 Library

A library to control SSD1306-based GLCD using AVR microcontrollers.

  • Functions include:
    • Basic operations.
    • Geometrical objects (draw/fill/invert rectangle/circle/triangle etc.).
      These functions have been searched for and found in various Arduino libraries. Their logic and functionality is not to be credited to me. I have only gathered, studied and modified them so that they work under AVR-GCC environmemt.
    • Printing text anywhere in the screen using custom imported fonts.
    • Printing pictures.
      Read the bottom of "SSD1306.h" to see all functions available.
  • A screen buffer stored in RAM is used to complete the operations faster at the cost of memory size (128x64 pixels / 8 = 1kB).
    You can edit the GLCD_BufferWrite and GLCD_BufferRead functions to change the buffer's location from the RAM to the EEPROM or any other external memory source.
  • The GLCD is interfaced using the TWI (I2C) protocol at 400KHz. You can use your own or my included TWI library.
  • There is an error checking option while tranceiving data via TWI protocol. If you are not using my library, you have to either define the codes or disable error checking.
  • My custom I/O macros are required and are included.

Memory usage:

  • Program: 0 bytes
  • Data: 1034 bytes
    • Display buffer: 1024 bytes (128x(64/8))
    • Display auxiliary data: 10 bytes


Optimization Level:
Optimize (-O1)

How to create a new font:
(needs some advanced knowledge)

  1. Download the free GLCD Font Creator from MikroElektronika, install it and run it.
  2. If you are on Windows 7, run the program under Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode (google it), else you won't be able to save fonts.
  3. File > New Font > Import an Existing System Font.
  4. Choose your font, press ok to each pop-up window and wait for the processing to finish.
  5. Export for GLCD > mikroC > X-GLCD Lib > Samsung KS0108 > Save.
  6. Change the extension of the produced file from .c to .h.
  7. Open the file and add Include Guards (google it again).
  8. Import the file into your project and your code.
    Include Guards example:
    #ifndef _FONTNAME_H_
    #define _FONTNAME_H_
    //The content of the file

picture alt picture alt


SSD1306-based GLCD C library for AVR microcontrollers







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