A jQuery plugin that removes some typing from creating on-the-fly HTML elements
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A jQuery plugin that removes some typing from creating on-the-fly HTML elements.


This plugin adds jQuery element functions to create a nested HTML element in a more convenient manner.

To save the drudgery of this:

        $("<b/>").html("A bold statement!"))));

This plugin allows you do do this:

 $('#myDiv').$div().$span().$b("A bold statement!");

To further simplify content creation (and further pollute the jQuery namespace) it is possible to add another function per HTML element to create the element, but return the parent's object rather than itself. To enable this, run:

 $.createHtml("configure", {installParentFunctions: true});

This will install functions of the form $<element-name>_().

With these functions installed, you can do:

$('#myDiv').$table().$tr().$td_("cell 1").$td_("cell 2").$td_("cell 3");

This will make all the td elements siblings. Note that you can achieve the same behaviour by putting parent() between each $td(), but that is just more typing


 $('selector').$<element-type>(["content",] [{<attr1>: <val1>, ...}]);


To create a table in the div#myDiv element:


To create a span with the text "hello world" and the class "bold":

 $('#myDiv').$span("hello world", {"class": "bold"});

To create a table and then add some rows:

 var t = $('#myDiv').$table();
 var t.$tr().$th_("Index").$th("Text");
 for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
   t.$tr().$td_(i).$td_("The number " + i);

You can skip the content if it isn't needed:

 $('#myDiv').$span({"class": "bold"});

Be aware

This plugin will add every HTML5 element name (preceded by a '$') into the jQuery .fn namespace. If you have a fear or great hatred of crowded namespaces (nominal claustrophobia?) then you should skip this plugin.