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Lightweight crash collector for Breakpad
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LandingNet is a lightweight crash collector for Breakpad. It's written in python using flask. It use PostgreSQL database.

Setting up LandingNet


  • Python >= 2.7
  • PostgreSQL >= 9.1 (with HSTORE extension)
  • Breakpad
  • Minidump stackwalker

Build breakpad and minidump stackwalker

Minidump stackwalker is a small executable that will read a minidump file and extract all of his information in a JSON format. It use parts from google breakpad, so you need to build google-breakpad too.

Run the following command from the root of LandingNet repo

  • Download and build google breakpad
cd third-party
svn co google-breakpad
mkdir obj-breakpad/
cd obj-breakpad/ 
../google-breakpad/configure && make
cd ../
  • Download and build minidump-stackwalk json
hg clone -b json
cd minidump-stackwalk
cp stackwalker ../../bin/
cd ../../

Python dependencies

You can install needed dependencies through pip. Before doing so it's recommanded (but not mandatory) to create a python virtual env :

virtualenv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate

Install required python packages :

pip install -r requirements.txt

Configure LandingNet

Copy the file in LandingNet/ to LandingNet/ and edit as needed

Then run the setup script to setup the database :

python db init
python db migrate
python db upgrade

Additionaly you might want to fill the database with a demo application and minidumps (for testing purpose). To do so, run the following :

python setup_demo

Try it !

Once you are ready, you can run LandingNet with flask default web server, using :

python run

If you installed the demo, you can point your browser to http://localhost:5000 and see some processed minidumps

Using LandingNet

The first things you want to do is to :

  • Add a product
  • Export debug symbols from your application and submit it to LandingNet
  • Get a minidump from a crash in your program and submit it to LandingNet
  • Look at the processed minidump in LandingNet

Adding a product

python add_product <product_name> [<product_version>]

Submitting debug symbols and minidumps

LandingNet provide two endpoints :

  • /upload_symbols (POST) : for submitting debug symbols
  • /submit (POST) : for submitting minidumps

Debug symbols

Debug symbols are used by stackwalk executable to add filename, functions and line numbers to stack trace.

You can use curl to upload debug symbols :

curl -F symbols=@demo/demo.sym http://localhost:5000/upload_symbols

Endpoint arguments :

    symbols  : Can be a breakpad .sym file or a zip file containing breakpad .sym file 
               and optionally debug symbols for your application 
               (the file must end with .debug)
    build : Build number (Can be any string up to 40 character)
    arch : The architecture of the uploaded symbols
    system : The system of the uploaded symbols

The fields build, arch and system are used to store the debug symbols with a unique name debug-symbols/<exec name>_<system>_<arch>_<build>.debug so later you can retreive it easily if needed


Minidump are files uploaded when a crash occur.

You can use curl to upload a minidump :

curl -F minidump=@demo/demo.dmp -F product=Demo -F version=0.1 -F build=foobar http://localhost:5000/submit

Endpoint arguments :

    minidump : The minidump file
    build : Build number (Can be any string up to 40 character)
    product : Product name (Must be an existing product)
    version : Version number (Must be an existing version)


LandingNet is distributed under GPL V3

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