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A collection of resources re: emulation for preservation and access
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A collection of resources re: emulation for preservation and access.

In the spirit of the AMIA open-workflows, analog-inspection and time-based-media-art repositories. Maintained by myself for personal and professional reasons, but pull requests welcome!

If you have never contributed to GitHub before, feel free to file a new issue with a link and I'll add it! Or just ping me elsewhere.



Target guest systems listed in parantheses.

  • BeebEm (BBC Micro + Master 128)

  • SimH (Multi-system early microprocessor emulator)

  • Hatari (Atari series)

  • DOSBox (DOS-based x86 PCs)

  • PCem (x86 PCs)

  • UAE (Amiga series)

    • WinUAE (port for Windows)
    • FS-UAE (port for Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Amiga Forever (Amiga)

  • CCS64 (Commodore 64)

  • VICE (Commodore series)

  • MAME/MESS (wide variety of arcade/video game machines and vintage CPUs)

  • ContrAlto (Xerox Alto)

  • KEGS (Apple IIgs)

  • AppleWin (Apple II, for Windows)

  • Advanced Mac Substitute (68k Mac emulator w/no need for ROMs or system software)

  • Mini vMac (early 68k Macs)

  • Basilisk II (later 68k Macs)

  • Shoebill (Macintosh II, IIx and IIcx emulator that runs A/UX)

  • SheepShaver (PowerPC Macs)

  • PCE (Atari ST, IBM PC5150, and 68k Mac emulation)

  • Bochs (x86 PC emulation)

  • QEMU (x86 PC virtualization, PowerPC, SPARC, ARM, MIPS emulation and more)

    • QEMU Manager (QEMU front-end; Windows-only)
    • AQEMU (QEMU front-end, not actively developed and must be compiled from source)
    • Virtual Machine Manager (can be used as a QEMU front-end but largely targeted at managing modern KVM virtual machines/virtualization rather than emulation)
  • VirtualBox (x86 PC virtualization)

  • VMware (x86 PC virtualization) - I think Workstation Player is the current free product/version for Windows + Linux, and Fusion for Macs, but good luck sorting that out

  • Microsoft Virtual PC (x86 PC virtualization)

  • .... and keeping an eye on Spoiled Apples

Software Download Sites

I have generally had luck with these sites, but be careful out there.




Setup Guides

Hobby Blogs

I've received many questions about where I get information about using and configuring old operating systems (and troubleshooting them with various emulation applications). Short answer: wherever search engines take me, even if it's a random forum post from 2004. But there are some vintage computing hobbyist sites and resources that have popped up more often, so a shoutout to those here:

I should also mention that the Internet Archive frequently has scanned manuals and self-help books that you can download or check out from their eBook library!


Some important guidance on copyright concerns when it comes to using emulation for preservation and access purposes. Note that these are limited to United States copyright law.


More scholarly considerations of emulation as an access service and digital/software preservation, and/or summaries of emulation used in cultural heritage projects:

Repository Copyright

To the extent possible under law, has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to emulation-resources.

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