It is a docker container system in order to run Sonarr
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Project: full-sonarr-docker

It is a containerized system using docker in order to run Sonarr. Sonarr, by default, doesn't have a download client installed, so this project tryes to put a client and Sonarr itself working together in a easy way.

What is Sonarr?

Sonarr is a tv series management tool which will allow to not only download shows, but maintain them after it. It supports NZBGet, Sabnzbd and even torrent.

Deployment instructions

Docker and Docker Compose

Docker and Docker Compose must be installed on the system. Depending on the Linux distribution, the installation process is different (example for Arch):

sudo pacman -S docker
yaourt -S docker-compose

Clone git repository

Go to the directory where you want to install full-sonarr-docker project:

git clone

Prepare the directories

  • config directory will contain all the Sonarr configuration files.

  • tvshows directory will contain all the tv show's stuff downloaded and managed by the application. This directory will be used for transmission to store the files it downloads. Before starting dockers, it could be a good idea to change permissions in this directory in order to avoid problems with Sonarr:

      cd full-sonar-docker
      sudo chmod 777 -R ./tvshows

Docker compose configuration

If you want to configure the system that is going to started up, please edit docker-compose.yml which is in full-sonar-docker directory. Some tips:

  • Ports exposed to the host: 8989 (Sonarr) and 9091 (Transmission)
  • The PGID and PUID values set the user / group you'd like your container to 'run as' to the host OS. This can be a user you've created or even root (not recommended).

Start the whole system up

cd full-sonar-docker
sudo docker-compose up

Log into the applications

  • To access Sonarr, go to your browser and type localhost:8989
  • To access Transmission, go to your browser and type localhost:9091 (User: admin)(Password: admin)

Sonarr Basic Configuration

When Sonarr starts for the first time, it is necessary to set up the configuration.

  • Go to Settings -> Indexer -> Add a new one (for example, KickassTorrents).
  • Go to Settings -> Download Client -> Add a new one (Transmission). Fill the form. It is important that you type transmission in Host, 9091 in Port and use the credentials for transmission (admin, admin as I mentioned above). That's all. After that, add any tv show you want.

Stop docker containers

The first time, you only need to do Ctrl + C

Restart/stop docker containers after the first time

When you want to restart all the containers:

cd <full-path>/full-sonarr-docker
sudo docker-compose start

And to stop them:

sudo docker-compose stop


All the credits to the authors of these two great images. I only put them all together :)