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// Ignore-On
package main
import (
// ## Interacting with Stdin, Stdout, and Stderr
// The `os` package provides the `Stdin`, `Stdout`, and `Stderr`
// streams. The below example reads all data from `Stdin`,
// converts said data to upper case, and then writes the results
// to `Stdout`. It then uses the `Stderr` stream to report the
// number of bytes read.
func main() {
// Read all Stdin
data, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(os.Stdin)
// Convert data to upper case and write to Stdout
count, _ := os.Stdout.WriteString(strings.ToUpper(string(data)))
// Write the number of bytes read to Stderr
os.Stderr.WriteString(fmt.Sprintf("Bytes read: %d", count))
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