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// Ignore-On
package main
import (
// ## Interacting with Shell Commands
// It is possible to interact with commands by using the `Command()` function
// from the `exec` package. Other than passing arguments as separate function
// arguments to `Command()`, piping data in and out of commands involves
// connecting the `Stdin`, `Stdout`, and `Stderr` streams declared by the
// `Cmd` struct.
func Test_IOStreams(t *testing.T) {
// Specify command
cmd := exec.Command("go", "run", "iostreams.go")
// Specify stdin input
cmd.Stdin = strings.NewReader("hello")
// Declare a buffer to capture stdout from command
var stdout bytes.Buffer
cmd.Stdout = &stdout
// Declare a buffer to capture stderr from command
var stderr bytes.Buffer
cmd.Stderr = &stderr
// Run Command
err := cmd.Run()
if err != nil {
t.Error("Error:", err)
// Assertions
assert.Equal(t, "HELLO", stdout.String())
assert.Equal(t, "Bytes read: 5", stderr.String())
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