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Zoom control

The Zoom control displays a slider (for large maps) or small "+/-" buttons (for small maps) to control the zoom level of the map. This control appears by default in the top left corner of the map on non-touch devices or in the bottom left corner on touch devices.

Build your zoom control

By configuration file

By default, the bundle doesn't need any configuration. Most of the service have a default configuration which allows you to use the given objects like they are. The ivory_google_map.zoom_control service is. The configuration describes below is this default configuration.

# app/config/config.yml

        # You own zoom control class
        class: "My\Fucking\ZoomControl"

        # Your own zoom control helper
        helper_class: "My\Fucking\ZoomControlHelper"

        # Zoom control position
        # Available zoom control position:
        # - top_left, top_center, top_right
        # - left_top, left_center, left_bottom
        # - right_top, right_center, right_bottom
        # - bottom_left, bottom_center, bottom_right
        control_position: "top_left"

        # Zoom control style
        # Availbale zoom control style: default, large, small
        zoom_control_style: "default"

// Requests the ivory google map zoom control service
$zoomControl = $this->get('ivory_google_map.zoom_control');

By coding

If you want to learn more, you can read this documentation.

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