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Encoded Polyline

The Encoded Polyline class defines a Polyline which has been encoded using the algorithm described here.

Build your encoded polyline

By configuration file

By default, the bundle doesn't need any configuration. Most of the service have a default configuration which allows you to use the given objects like they are. The ivory_google_map.encoded_polyline service is. The configuration describes below is this default configuration.

# app/config/config.yml

        # Your own encoded polyline class
        class: "My\Fucking\EncodedPolyline"

        # Your own encoded polyline helper class
        helper_class: "My\Fucking\EncodedPolylineHelper"

        # Prefix used for the generation of the encoded polyline javascript variable
        prefix_javascript_variable: "encoded_polyline_"

        # Custom encoded polyline options
        # All polyline options are available
        # By default, there is no options
            geodesic: true
            strokeColor: "#ffffff"

// Requests the ivory google map encoded polyline service
$encodedPolyline = $this->get('ivory_google_map.encoded_polyline');

By coding

If you want to learn more, you can read this documentation.

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