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All the stuff you wish already had. (Abandoned)

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This project is more or less abandoned



All the stuff you wish already had.

ttTools is a lightweight, small, un-intrusive plugin for that aims to provide an enhanced user experience.

Solid Feature Set

Despite what you may have heard, ttTools is much more than an "auto-clicker". ttTools provides numerous added functions to the platform in a seamless, easy to use interface.
Guestlist Integration w/ Vote Indicators, Idle Markers, +more!
Auto Awesome/Lame w/ Cached Switch & Cached Variable Delay
Auto DJ w/ Cached Switch, Cached Variable Delay & Auto-Off
Playlist Song Tagging & Filtering
Toggle Animations

Easy To Use

ttTools is flexible and can be loaded a number of different ways, pick whichever method is easiest for you and make life easy.

Google Chrome Extension

Visit ttTools on the The Chrome Web Store and click "Add To Chrome". ttTools should load automatically when you enter a new room.

Or if you're feeling nerdy, you can simply clone this repository and build the extension yourself with by running the following command from the project root:
zip -r extension/*


For a drag & drop link you can simply drag into your bookmarks bar, visit the official ttTools website

To add the bookmark manually:

  • Create a bookmark in your bookmarks bar named ttTools
  • For the location, enter:
  • After entering a room, click the ttTools bookmark.

Found a bug? Want a feature?

It's impossible to keep track of bugs and feature requests unless they're centralized. Please submit all bugs and feature requests here.

Send questions, comments, complaints, money, and spam to:

Steve Regester

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