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Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. Simplify strftime's use of tm_zone

    * NEWS: Document this.
    * strftime.c (_fmt) [TM_ZONE]: Don't worry about tm_zone
    being NULL, as it can't happen.  This makes strftime.c behave
    more like zdump.c does.
  2. Fiji's 2016 fall-back transition is January 17, not January 18.

    (Thanks to Ken Rylander.)
    * NEWS: Document this.
    * australasia (Fiji): Change Jan fall-back date from Sun>=18 to Sun>=15.
Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. Remove unnecessary static initializations

    * NEWS: Document this.
    * localtime.c (timezone, daylight) [USG_COMPAT]:
    (altzone) [ALTZONE]:
    Remove unnecessary initializations to zero.  This saves a few
    object-module words in some environments, and makes linkage via
    common storage possible.
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. Fix localtime bug with Anchorage after 2037

    * NEWS: Document this.
    * localtime.c (tzloadbody): Handle America/Anchorage after 2037,
    even though the sum of the abbreviations' sizes (42) plus the sum
    of the extended abbreviations' sizes (10) exceeds TZ_MAX_CHARS (50).
    Do this by reusing existing abbreviations.  Thanks to Bradley
    White for reporting the bug.  Perhaps we should also consider
    increasing TZ_MAX_CHARS from its currently-low value.
Commits on Aug 15, 2015
  1. Fix comments re NK transition time, abbreviation

    * asia (Asia/Pyongyang): Confirm 00:00 as transition time.
    Fix commentary about abbreviation.
Commits on Aug 12, 2015
  1. Fix sign of %z output, and add DST offset

    * zic.c (doabbr): Change penultimate arg from isdst boolean
    to stdoff integer, so that doabbr has enough information to output
    the UTC offset on request.  All callers changed.  Fix the sign of
    z_gmtoff, and add stdoff.  Sign problem reported by Phil Ross in:
Commits on Aug 11, 2015
  1. Fix HTML typo

  2. Release tzcode2015f and tzdata2015f.

    * NEWS, Makefile (VERSION): Increase to 2015f.
  3. HTML link maintenance

    * tz-art.htm: Update obsolete links, mostly to
    Put the end-of-the-world joke at the end, where it belongs.
    * tz-link.htm: Move Seymour link to, since it's still
    useful but no longer works.  Remove obsolete link to
Commits on Aug 8, 2015
  1. Use "KST" to abbreviate new time zone, too

    * NEWS, asia (Asia/Pyongyang): Use "KST" for Korea standard time
    regardless of UTC offset.  (Thanks to Robert Elz.)
Commits on Aug 7, 2015
  1. North Korea changes to +0830 effective August 15

    (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen.)  Instead of inventing an abbreviation
    for this time zone, institute a policy of recording time zone
    abbreviations rather than inventing them.
    * NEWS, Theory: Document this.
    * asia (Asia/Pyongyang): Switch to +0830 effective August 15.
    Use "+0830" as the abbreviation.
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. Port localtime.c's gmtime to Visual Studio 2013

    Problem reported by Kees Dekker in:
    * localtime.c (gmtime_r): Define before using,
    in case <time.h> doesn't declare it.
  2. Pacify Visual Studio 2013 'const' in zic

    Problem reported by Kees Dekker.
    * zic.c (inleap, inlink, rulesub, outzone, addtt)
    (yearistype, byword, oadd, tadd, rpytime, newabbr):
    Change arg attributes to match the corresponding declaration.
  3. * Theory: Reorder to put naming issues earlier.

    This entails some rewording to avoid use-before-define problems.
    Add missing "Accuracy" entry to the outline.
    Move public-domain notice to the end.
    * NEWS: Document this.
    2015-07-29  Paul Eggert  <>
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. A few more instances of "No."

    * africa, europe: Fix a few more instances reported by Ian Abbott in:
    * northamerica, southamerica, tz-art.htm: Fix a few more.
  2. Remove support for setting the date

    This wasn't really being used and was too much trouble to port.
    * Makefile, NEWS: Document this.
    * date.c: Don't include utmpx.h or fcntl.h..
    (main, usage): Remove support for setting the date.
    Remove dummy -n option.
    (reset, wildinput, oops, sametm, convert, checkfinal, iffy): Remove.
  3. Use "No." for number sign in commentary

    * africa, asia, europe, southamerica:
    In commentary, use "No." for number sign, as opposed to "№"
    which is ugly on many displays.
  4. Use "№" for number sign in commentary

    * africa, asia, europe, southamerica:
    In commentary, be more consistent about using № (U+2116 NUMERO SIGN)
    for number sign, as opposed to "No.", "Nº", "#", etc.
  5. Pacify Visual Studio 2013 'const' yet again

    Problem reported by Kees Dekker in:
    * date.c (wildinput, oops, display, timeout, iffy):
    * zdump.c (yeartot):
    * zic.c (dolink, itsdir, inrule, inzone, inzcont):
    Change arg attributes to match the corresponding declaration.
  6. Port 'date' better to POSIX 1003.1-2001 and later

    * Makefile: Remove no-longer-needed comments.
    * NEWS, date.1: Document this.
    Don't include sys/time.h.
    (main): Remove support for -a, -d, -t.
    (reset): Use clock_settime, not the nonstandard stime.
    (nondigit): Remove; no longer needed.
    * private.h (HAVE_ADJTIME, HAVE_SETTIMEOFDAY): Remove.
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. Remove obsolete utmp.h code from 'date'

    The old utmp.h-related code predates POSIX, which standardized on
    utmpx.h in the 1990s.  utmpx.h is more portable nowadays, so assume it.
    Problem reported by Kees Dekker in:
    * Makefile, private.h (HAVE_UTMP_H): Default to 1.
    * NEWS: Document this.
    * date.c: Do not include utmp.h.
    (reset): Do not update utmp; utmpx suffices nowadays.
  2. Simplify timesub based on integer time_t

    * localtime.c (timesub): Further simplify, given that we
    now assume time_t is an integer.
  3. Fix int overflow with very long string

    Problem indirectly reported by Kees Dekker in:
    * localtime.c (tzparse): Check for sp->chars overflow
    before converting length to 'int', to avoid undefined behavior
    when the input string has more than INT_MAX bytes.
  4. Pacify Visual Studio 2013 'const' some more

    * localtime.c (typesequiv, tzparse, timesub)
    (increment_overflow, normalize_overflow32):
    Omit 'const' attribute of arguments to match the corresponding
    declaration.  Problem reported by Kees Dekker in:
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. Port uint_fast64_t to Visual Studio

    Problem reported by Kees Dekker in:
    * private.h (uint_fast64_t) [!UINT_FAST64_MAX]:
    New typedef
  2. date -n is now an undocumented no-op

    In practice tzcode 'date -n' has been a no-op for years, since
    OLD_TIME has been standardized by POSIX for many years, and the
    !OLD_TIME code was bitrotted.  Continue to ignore any use of -n
    for backward compatibility, and remove the bitrotted code.
    Problem reported by Kees Dekker in:
    * NEWS, date.1: Document this.
    * date.c: Assume OLD_TIME is defined.
    (main): Remove support for -n, except as a no-op.
    (reset): Remove !OLD_TIME implementation, and remove nflag arg.
    All callers changed.
    (netsettime) [TSP_SETDATE]: Remove; no longer used.
  3. Replace 'lose' by 'close' to fix date.c typo

    * date.c (netsettime): Fix typo.
  4. Be clearer about r_type's values

    * localtime.c (enum r_type): New enum.
    (struct rule): Use it.
    Now enum constants, not macros.  The values are the same.
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