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Commits on May 20, 2019
  1. zic: remove horrid special case for 2037

    eggert committed May 20, 2019
    * NEWS: Mention this.
    * zic.c (YEAR_BY_YEAR_ZONE): Remove.  All uses removed.
    (stringzone): Remove "horrid special case" for 2037.
    The current data no longer rely on it, and it caused problems
    on newlib with the previous data.
  2. Add 50 years of predictions for Morocco

    eggert committed May 20, 2019
    * NEWS: Mention this.
    * africa (Morocco): Add rule lines through 2087, extending
    the predictions by 50 years.  This will cause zic 2019a and
    earlier to put the TZ string "<+01>-1" in the TZif output,
    which should work better with applications like newlib.
    Problem reported by David Gauchard; see:
Commits on May 18, 2019
  1. Assume zic 2004 or later in "Apr Sun>=25" etc.

    eggert committed May 18, 2019
    * asia (Zion), northamerica (Toronto): Use constructs like
    "Apr Sun>=25" and "Apr Fri<=1" that have been supported by zic
    since 2004.  Although Solaris 8 used pre-2004 zic, Solaris 8
    reached end-of-life in March 2012.
    * zic.8: State more clearly that "Apr Sun>=25" is allowed.
Commits on May 17, 2019
  1. Fix several Hong Kong transitions in 1941/6

    eggert committed May 17, 2019
    (Thanks to P Chan.)
    * NEWS: Mention the changes.
    * asia (HK, Asia/Hong_Kong):
  2. Add commentary for time in Cocklebiddy

    eggert committed May 17, 2019
    * australasia: Cite de Garis story (thanks to Gilmore Davidson).
Commits on May 16, 2019
  1. Ignore more non-source files

    eggert committed May 16, 2019
    * .gitignore: Ignore *.diff, *.i, *.orig, *.rej, *.tar.
    Ignore check_* files, as they are created by ‘make check’.
  2. Bring zic man page up to date

    eggert committed May 16, 2019
    * zic.8: Don’t mention time(2), since zic does not rely	on time_t
    any more.  Mention other ways that -v generates warnings.
    ON fields can’t contain non-space white space characters either.
    Remove incorrect assertion that fractional seconds are not allowed.
  3. Assume zic 2017c or later when shrinking

    eggert committed May 16, 2019
    The tzdata.zi file was first released in 2017c, and deliberately
    avoided zic features that were also new to that release, to avoid
    problems with people mistakenly running older zic when generating
    this new file.  After a year’s wait it is reasonable to assume
    that anybody using this new file is also using a new-enough zic.
    This saves about 900 bytes in tzdata.zi.
    * NEWS: Mention this.
    * zishrink.awk (gen_rule_name, prehash_rule_names)
    (process_input_line, output_saved_lines):
    For clarity, use the convention that parameters are on the first
    line of function definition, and local vars are on later lines.
    (process_input_line): Assume zic 2017c or later.
    Make line types more explicit.
  4. zic: omit pre-2017c chatter unless -v

    eggert committed May 16, 2019
    * zic.c (byword): Put pre-2017c warnings in the same category as
    other pre-2015 etc. warnings: that is, output the warnings only if
    -v is given.
Commits on May 14, 2019
Commits on May 7, 2019
  1. Italy’s 1866 transition was 12-12, not 09-22

    eggert committed May 7, 2019
    * NEWS: Mention this.
    * europe (Europe/Rome): Switch from LMT to RMT on 1866-12-12, not
    on 1866-09-22.
Commits on May 4, 2019
  1. Remove Kiev pronunciation commentary

    eggert committed May 4, 2019
    * europe: Remove irrelevant and controversial commentary on how to
    pronounce the name of Ukraine’s capital.  (Thanks to Leon V.)
Commits on Apr 28, 2019
Commits on Apr 26, 2019
Commits on Apr 25, 2019
  1. Brazil has canceled DST

    eggert committed Apr 25, 2019
    (Thanks to Steffen Thorsen and Marcus Diniz.)
    * NEWS: Mention this.
    * southamerica (Brazil): No more DST transitions.
Commits on Apr 16, 2019
  1. Update commentary on Morocco DST

    eggert committed Apr 16, 2019
    * africa (Morocco): Add commentary about this year’s Ramadan
    adjustments, which match our predictions (thanks to Naoufal Semlali).
Commits on Apr 10, 2019
  1. Fix Palestine spring-transition time

    eggert committed Apr 10, 2019
    (Thanks to Even Scharning.)
    * NEWS: Adjust announcement.
    * asia (Palestine): Spring transition time is 00:00, not 01:00.
Commits on Mar 26, 2019
  1. Palestine’s transition is on 2019-03-29 at 01:00

    eggert committed Mar 26, 2019
    At least that’s our current guess (thanks to Sharef Mustafa).
    * NEWS, asia (Palestine): Do this.
  2. Palestine’s 2019-03-30 transition is at 00:00

    eggert committed Mar 26, 2019
    At least that’s our guess, given the decree (thanks to Sharef Mustafa).
    * NEWS, asia (Palestine): Do this.
  3. Release 2019a

    eggert committed Mar 26, 2019
    * NEWS: Increase version to 2019a.
Commits on Mar 24, 2019
  1. * asia: Abbreviate URL.

    eggert committed Mar 24, 2019
  2. Tweak commentary on recent changes

    eggert committed Mar 24, 2019
    * NEWS: The Metlakatla change is now in the past.
    * asia: Tweak recent Palestine commentary.
  3. Palestine doesn't start DST until 2019-03-30.

    timparenti authored and eggert committed Mar 24, 2019
    (Thanks to Even Scharning.)
    * asia (Palestine): Adjust our prediction by guessing that spring
    transitions will be between 24 and 30 March, which matches recent
    practice since 2016.
    * NEWS: Mention this.
Commits on Mar 15, 2019
  1. zic -r/@t is now exclusive, not inclusive

    eggert committed Mar 15, 2019
    This is for consistency with RFC 8536 section 5.1 and RFC 7808
    section 3.9.  (Problem reported by Christopher Wong.)
    * zic.8: Document this.
    * zic.c (timerange_option): Subtract one from the specified upper
    bound before using it, unless the actual upper bound exceeded the
    maximum representable integer.  Check more carefully for integer
    overflow and empty ranges.
Commits on Mar 14, 2019
  1. zic: fix bug when -r removes all transitions

    eggert committed Mar 14, 2019
    Problem reported by Christopher Wong in:
    * zic.c (outzone): Fix core dump when attypes is null.
  2. zic: fix transitions created with -r

    eggert committed Mar 14, 2019
    It’s nicer (though not required by RFC 8536) that when the start
    of a TZif file is truncated, the default time type is that of
    timestamps just before the first transition.
    Problem reported by Tim Parenti in:
    Also, implement the RFC 8536 requirement that when the end of a
    TZif file is truncated, the file should have a 64-bit transition
    designating the truncation boundary.
    * zic.c (puttzcod64): Remove, replacing with ...
    (puttzcodepass): ... this new function, which has a new arg PASS.
    All uses changed.
    (limitrange): Use a simpler approach to discarding transitions
    out of range, so that the caller can restore them if needed.
    Fix off-by-one error when discarding too-high transitions.
    (writezone): Use proper type for first transition, if the
    file was truncated at the start.  Create a last transition if
    the file was truncated at the end.
Commits on Mar 11, 2019
  1. Fix 'make clean' problem with clean_*.dir

    eggert committed Mar 11, 2019
    * Makefile (clean_misc, clean): Use rm -fr on patterns that can
    match directories, so that 'make clean' works even if there is a
    directory check_zishrink.dir.  Stick with rm -f on patterns that
    should match only files, for safety.
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