Utility functions copy/pasted (and modified slightly) from Stack Overflow
Latest commit f009f81 Jan 31, 2017 @ArupSen ArupSen committed with kentcdodds feat(dec2bin): Add a decimal to binary function #67
* feat(dec2bin): Add a decimal to binary function #67

* feat(dec2bin): Add decimal to binary function

Closes #69

* Update message for invalid input from String to RangeError

* Update dec2bin to throw RangeError



A collection of utility JavaScript functions copy/pasted and slightly modified from StackOverflow answers 😀 (Not intended to be used in actual programs)

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import {flatten, snakeToCamel} from 'stack-overflow-copy-paste'

flatten([[1, 2,], 3]) // [1, 2, 3]
snakeToCamel('snake-case-string') // 'snakeCaseString'