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Tachyons packages edited for


Install the dependencies in your project

$ yarn add tachyons-egghead egghead-ui

Include the tachyons-egghead CSS classes

import 'tachyons-egghead'

Now you can use the default tachyons class names as well as new egghead tachyons classes that you can find from the github:eggheadio/tachyons-* egghead modules in the project's package.json dependencies.

If using React, you'll probably want to use egghead-ui as well; it is a library of React components used across egghead projects (it uses both tachyons-egghead classes and custom styles and exports React components).



  • Git
  • Node
  • Yarn


  • yarn to install latest packages
  • yarn dev to compile with a watcher
  • yarn verify check builds work
  • use yarn link to test using changes in another project


After you have create a feature-branch off of master:

  • commit the changes
  • git push --set-upstream origin feature_branch
  • yarn bump and type in the new version using Semantic Versioning
  • submit a pull request for the feature branch to master
  • once PR status passes (approved review and successful continuous integration in Travis CI, merge the pull request and continuous deployment in Travis CI publishes the new library version to npm
  • notify consumers to run yarn upgrade tachyons-egghead in their projects to get latest, with a list of changes


In src/tachyons.css are imports you can uncomment for debugging.