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Switch blowfish crypt mode to cbc

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vanosg committed Oct 5, 2019
1 parent 0fe003b commit 29cc7e201a62ea6649fd95c9e32a630774634c86
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@@ -670,15 +670,11 @@ set mod-path "modules/"
# userfile anymore. Eggdrop will not start without an encryption module.
loadmodule blowfish

# Specify whether to use ECB or CBC operation modes. ECB is legacy for
# the Eggdrop blowfish module and is used by default. CBC is more recent
# regarded as more secure than ECB. You may choose either, but an Eggdrop
# using CBC to send encrypted data cannot be decrypted by an Eggdrop using
# ECB. This setting currently defaults to ECB for compatibility reasons,
# but will transition to using CBC by default in v1.9.0. To explicitly
# state which mode is used, the following setting may be set to either
# "ecb" or "cbc".
set blowfish-use-mode ecb
# Specify whether to use ECB or CBC operation modes for the tcl commands
# 'encrypt' and 'decrypt'. Prior to version 1.9.0, the less secure ecb
# method was used by default. If you are using these commands with older bots,
# change this to 'ecb' for compatibility, or upgrade the older bots.
set blowfish-use-mode cbc

#### DNS MODULE ####

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