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Found by: michaelortmann
Patch by: michaelortmann
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michaelortmann authored and vanosg committed Jun 25, 2019
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@@ -44,17 +44,14 @@ ABOUT EGGDROP
to be fixed and features to be added (if the users demand them, and
they make actually sense). In fact, it existed for several years as
v0.7 -v0.9 before finally going 1.0. This version of Eggdrop is part
of the 1.8 tree. A valiant effort has been made to chase down and
destroy bugs.
of the 1.8 tree.

To use Eggdrop, you need:

- Some sort of Unix account
- A pretty good knowledge of IRC and Unix, including how to
compile programs, how to read, and what DCC chat is, at absolute
- About 5-7 MB of disk space. The Eggdrop tarball is about 5.4 MB
- A decent knowledge of Unix
- A decent knowledge of IRC, including what DCC chat is
and how to administer an IRC channel
- Tcl -- Eggdrop cannot compile without Tcl installed on your

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