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Last revised: Jul 7, 2017
Last revised: Dec 19, 2017
What's new?
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Eggdrop v1.8.3:
Tcl-API changes:
- Added "handle ipaddress botport userport" syntax to the addbot Tcl
General changes:
- Fixed a bug where ssl-enabled ports were not able to be reverted to
non-SSL ports via the setuser Tcl command.
- SSL certs: Fail earlier if SSL certs have issues. Also fatally error
if only one of ssl-privatekey/certificate config settings is set.
- Correctly check against invalid flags with the .match partyline
command and matchattr Tcl command.
- Prevent loop when writing to stdout in foreground mode that results
in a segfault.
- Lots of additional error checking against values for .+bot, .chaddr
and the Tcl addbot command.
- No longer trigger CHON binds when returning from a control script.
- Added the '.resetconsole' command, allowing a user to reset console
flags to those specified in the config file.
Botnet changes:
- Added the 'l' console flag to handle messages sent from linked bots,
reserving the 'b' console flag to handle messages related to botnet-
- Split the "raw share traffic" flag into incoming (h) and outgoing (g).
- Fixed a race condition in SSL userfile sharing, causing the transfer
to stall with 511 bytes missing.
- Fixed a bug introduced in v1.8.2 with copy-to-tmp, where the userfile
being received is now properly being sent to a tmpfile first if
copy-to-tmp is set.
- Botnet sharing: A slave will now use the address of the hub (to
which it's succesfully connected) instead of an IP given by the hub
which was wrong in certain cases (especially in NAT situations).
- Bots request existing channel flags for users upon adding a new
- Deprecated the "ipv4address:botport/userport" and
"[ipv6address]:botport/userport" address formats for addbot.
Eggdrop v1.8.2:
eggdrop.conf changes:

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