Add support for ~[!]<type>:<stuff> ban-/exempt-types #18

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Reported by De Kus
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Milestone 1.8.2
Keywords Unreal 005 isupport ircd-seven freenode
Version 1.8.0 CVS

UnrealIRCd supports a neat way for a diffrent kind of ban-types. I don't if and
when this is/was/will be implemented to other servers. There are very usefull to
practicate the following:

  • prevent nick-flood (like from fighting against nickserv or from BNCs triing to use a too long nick name)
  • implementation of channel-blacklisting
  • squelching user without having the channel moderated
  • ban of real names (nice for unwanted, unconfigured scripts)

Comment #1 From Thomas Sader 2009-01-08 20:05:17

What eggdrop could do with those bantypes:

  • accept them in +/-ban [dcc], new(chan)ban [tcl] as valid masks (same for excepts)
  • let them expire as usual (dynamicbans)
  • check if the ~r type ban (realname mask) affects itself and unban instantly
  • check if the ~c type ban (badchan mask) affects itself and unban instantly [not sure if that'd be useful]

What eggdrop cannot do:

  • enforce them
  • protect other ops/friends/owners from being affected by them

The raw 005 token for those bantypes is:


(seems like there were more bantypes (q and T aren't mentioned in the official

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Comment by @thommey
depends on #3

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Comment by Johannes13
InspIRCd supports Extbans too, there are more extbans than on UnrealIRCd, and
not all of them have to be loaded. The difference between Unreal and Insp
extban are the leading '~'. Exp for a Insp extban:
MODE +b R:foo
banns a user with the account "foo".

Imho it's hard to support all those extbans, because how do you know if a ban match?

PS.: The 004 Nummeric a InspIRCd Network (here Chatspike) is e.g.

For the current InspIRCd version here a link with all extbans that are shiped with InspIRCd: [[[]]]

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Comment by @Pixelz
freenode (irc-seven) has a similar feature, with the same isupport token


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