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unicode (utf8 actually) characters not handled correctly #4

thommey opened this Issue Feb 2, 2010 · 2 comments

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thommey commented Feb 2, 2010
Trac Data
Ticket 4
Reported by Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
Status assigned
Component Core
Priority blocker
Milestone 1.8.0
Keywords utf unicode
Version 1.8.0 CVS

My setup:

eggdrop 1.6.17
tcl 8.5a6
Linux 2.6 with latest version of libraries and all stuff
freenode network
irssi client

Testing is simple, tcl script that echoes data back to channel:
bind pub - "utf" pub_proc
proc pub_proc { nick idx handle channel szoveg } {
putmsg $channel "$szoveg"

Now on original 1.6.17 when entering utf8 characters this happens:
21:39 < arekm8> utf óąłńś
21:39 < utftest> �EBD[
(some crap is echoed)

After patching src/tcl.c utf_convert() with:

  • byteptr = (char *) Tcl_GetByteArrayFromObj(objv[i], &len);
  • byteptr = (char *) Tcl_GetStringFromObj(objv[i], &len);

I get:
21:57 < arekm8> utf óąłńś
21:57 < utftest> óąłńś

It works - proper characters are echoed back.

No idea why ByteArray is used in utf_convert() so I'm not sure if the fix is
correct. Is it?

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thommey commented Mar 30, 2012

Comment by @skralg
putlog may handle utf-8 separately and need additional changes

@thommey thommey added the defect label Oct 13, 2015
@thommey thommey self-assigned this Oct 13, 2015
@Pixelz Pixelz added this to the v1.6.22 milestone Jan 11, 2016
@thommey thommey added pri: blocker and removed pri: blocker labels Jan 26, 2016
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thommey commented Feb 5, 2016

todo: fix encoding of language files

This was referenced Feb 5, 2016
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