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Eggdrop stacks '+beI' modes but UnrealIRCd doesn't support #73

thommey opened this Issue Jan 14, 2011 · 2 comments

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thommey commented Jan 14, 2011
Trac Data
Ticket 73
Reported by knux
Status new
Component Module: irc.mod
Priority major
Milestone 1.8.0
Keywords bans exempts excepts invites unreal 005
Version 1.8.0 CVS

Since 1.6.20, eggdrop sends MODE like that :
MODE #room +beI

But my server (UnrealIRCd 3.2.6) doesn't reply to this request.

So, eggdrop keeps sending "MODE #room +I !...@" commands all time since he doesn't know that the invite is already applied.

This occurs with net-type 3 and 5 (others).

It's OK on eggdrop 1.6.19 with the same configuration file, it sends seperate MODE commands.

(Hoping I'm not wrong ;))

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thommey commented Jan 14, 2011

Comment by @thommey
You're right, it seems that UnrealIRCd allows mixing of +beI with parameters (so this issue doesn't seem the same that "prevent-mixing" attempts to solve on ircnet) but not without them (in fact, unrealircd only replies to ban/exempt/invite list queries when you send a single "+b" without parameter).
Temporary fix: (Tcl script you can load)

bind join - * beI
proc beI {nick host hand chan} {
if {[isbotnick $nick]} {
putquick "MODE $chan +b"
putquick "MODE $chan +e"
putquick "MODE $chan +I"

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thommey commented Feb 10, 2011

Comment by @Robby-
Aha, thanks for that little script, this comes in handy. I can also confirm that "MODE #chan +beI" doesn't work on UnrealIRCd (3.2.8.x/CVS), nor does it work on IRCnet (2.11.2p2) and another ircd derived from IRCnet that I know about. It does work on inspircd (1.2.8) and EFNet (ircd-ratbox-3.0.1) though. :) Perhaps make this behaviour configurable in the future.

About "prevent-mixing" by the way: on IRCnet (2.11.2p2) this DOES work: "MODE #chan +beI testb!@ teste!@ testI!@" but again, "MODE #chan +beI" does not. Also "MODE #chan +bvI testb!@ Robby testI!@" works, so I guess the "prevent-mixing" days are over, atleast in ircd version 2.11.2p2. :)

@thommey thommey added the defect label Oct 13, 2015
@thommey thommey modified the milestone: v1.6.22 Jan 25, 2016
@thommey thommey added pri: blocker and removed pri: blocker labels Jan 26, 2016
@thommey thommey added a commit that closed this issue Jan 27, 2016
@thommey thommey Revert compression of +b, +e, +I to +beI when asking for MODEs.
Unfortunately, MODE #chan +beI doesn't work on all IRCds. Fixes #73.
@thommey thommey closed this in 0abc1c3 Jan 27, 2016
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