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Static server plugin for egg, base on koa-static-cache.


$ npm i egg-static --save


egg-static is a plugin that has been built-in for egg. It is enabled by default.


egg-static support all configurations in koa-static-cache. and with default configurations below:

  • prefix: '/public/'
  • dir: path.join(appInfo.baseDir, 'app/public')
  • dynamic: true
  • preload: false
  • maxAge: 31536000 in prod env, 0 in other envs
  • buffer: true in prod env, false in other envs

egg-static provides one more option:

  • maxFiles: the maximum value of cache items, only effective when dynamic is true, default is 1000.

All static files in $baseDir/app/public can be visited with prefix /public, and all the files are lazy loaded.

  • In non-production environment, assets won't be cached, your modification can take effect immediately.
  • In production environment, egg-static will cache the assets after visited, you need to restart the process to update the assets.
  • Dir default is $baseDir/app/public but you can also define multiple directory by use dir: [dir1, dir2, ...] and static server will use all these directories.
// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.static = {
  // maxAge: 31536000,

Questions & Suggestions

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