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egg view plugin for [vue].


$ npm i egg-view-vue --save


// {app_root}/config/plugin.js
exports.vue = {
  enable: true,
  package: 'egg-view-vue',

Render in controller, support js bundle render and json bundle render (vue 2.3+)

js bundle render

// {app_root}/app/controller/test.js
exports.home = function* (ctx) {
  // {app_root}/app/view/vue-ssr-server-bundle.js
  yield ctx.render('vue-ssr-server-bundle.js', { name: 'vue js bundle render' });

json bundle render (vue 2.3+), need to config renderOptions createBundleRenderer

// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.vue = {
   // renderOptions config, please @see
   renderOptions: {
     // template: '<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><body><!--vue-ssr-outlet--></body></html>',

     // webpack vue ssr plugin build manifest file
     // clientManifest: require(path.join(app.baseDir,'public/vue-ssr-client-manifest.json')),
// {app_root}/app/controller/test.js
exports.home = function* (ctx) {
  // {app_root}/app/view/vue-ssr-server-bundle.json
  yield ctx.render('vue-ssr-server-bundle.json', { name: 'vue json render' });

vue server side render example, please see egg-vue-webpack-boilerplate


see config/config.default.js for more detail.

Questions & Suggestions

Please open an issue here.