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About this example

This example is a quickstart of Egg, it includes the basic and comprehensive usages of Egg such as Controller, Service and some simple configurations, moreover, it has the corresponding unit tests. you can follow this simple example and build your Egg application step by step.

How to run it locally


$ npm install
$ npm run dev
$ open http://localhost:7001/


Use EGG_SERVER_ENV=prod to enable prod mode

$ EGG_SERVER_ENV=prod npm start

Npm Scripts

  • Use npm run autod to auto detect dependencies upgrade
  • Use npm run lint to check code style
  • Use npm test to run unit test


Please ensure your node version is >=8.0 for Egg2.x.

some problems you might encounter

  • lack of MVC model development experience, click here to learn more
  • some concepts such as middleware, extend, helper are difficult to understand, see related docs to know more
  • encounter some errors during development, find issues to check if some solutions have been provided