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Citation Hunt

CitationHunt is a simple tool for finding unsourced statements on Wikipedia in different languages. It is hosted at

This repository contains the full server and client code. The scripts/ directory contains all the scripts used for processing Wikipedia dumps. Hopefully they will be illustrative and reusable for similar applications.

I want to help!

That's great! There are many ways you can help. Please take a look at for guidelines and instructions.

Installing on Tools Labs

CitationHunt can be installed on Wikimedia's Tools Labs using its specialized support for Python uwsgi applications.

After logging in to, run the following commands to create the directory structure and enter the virtualenv:

$ mkdir www/python/
$ virtualenv www/python/venv/
$ . www/python/venv/bin/activate

Now, clone this repository, point uwsgi to it and install the dependencies:

$ git clone
$ ln -s ../../citationhunt www/python/src
$ pip install -r citationhunt/requirements.txt

and start the webservice:

$ webservice2 uwsgi-python start

You will also want to schedule a cron job to automatically update the database regularly. See scripts/ for more information.