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A simple amon client in clojure, uses chesire to convert data structures to json and clj-http to hit amon's api; supports tagging functionality to associate logged data into groups.


Add [amon-log "0.1.1"] to your project.clj file under :dependencies and run lein deps.

To send the data directly to amon, use to-amon. You must provide a hashmap containing a clojure structure to be logged named :data and optionally a vector of classification keywords named :tags.

(require '[amon-log.core :as log])

;; (log/to-amon my-log-data)
(log/to-amon {:data my-clojure-data})
(log/to-amon {:data my-clojure-data :tags [:vector :of :keywords]})

You can also wrap your function with a log to retain a single clojure form.

(require '[amon-log.core :as log])

;; (log/with-amon my-log-data my-func my-args)
  {:data '(Im adding numbers together!) 
   :tags [:math :simple]}
  + 1 2)
;; returns 3, and logs "Im adding numbers together!" with the tags of "math" and "simple".

You can log your exceptions with exception-to-amon. By default it will include the stacktrace, the error class, a timestamp and the exception message.

You can optionally give amon richer error context by providing a hashmap containing any clojure data structure that can be converted to json.

(require '[amon-log.core :as log])

;; (log/exception-to-amon my-exception)
;; (log/exception-to-amon my-exception my-hashmap)
(defn divide-with-amon
  [numerator denominator]
      (/ numerator denominator) 
      (catch Exception e 
          (log/exception-to-amon e {:context "Caused by 'divide-with-amon'" 
                                    :args [numerator, denominator]})
          (your-own-handler e)))))

(divide-with-amon 10 5) ; returns 2
(divide-with-amon 10 0) ; logs the error to amon and passes the exception to 'handle-error'

Note: if your amon instance lives at an address other than you can change it by binding the *amon-host* var.

;; logs to amon.mysite.com
(binding [*amon-host* "amon.mysite.com"] 
  (with-amon {:data '(Hello world)} println "Hello world."))

Amon will fail silently if the amon host is not available. If you need different behavior you can bind amon-throws-exceptions to true.

;; will raise an exception due to logging failure
(binding [*amon-host* "amon.badhost.fake"
          *amon-throws-exceptions* true] 
  (with-amon {:data '(Hello world)} println "Hello world."))


Add functionality to wrap (i.e. extend) an exception class with amon logging


Copyright (C) 2012

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.