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Unblocks Imgur images access from documents and direct links with DuckDuckGo proxy.
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LICENSE Extension is finally available! Dec 20, 2019

Feel free to contribute! License Open Source

Built with love! Uses JS Uses HTML


ℹ️ About

Imgur Please is an extension that you can use a way to bypass the blocks caused by your ISP, country or unsecure connection by using DuckDuckGo proxies!

It's 100% safe and it's open source! You can review the code from this repository and you customize it as much as you want! You can also use this project's system to unblock other websites blocked for you for some reasons. Check our changelogs to see what's new!

💦 Features

  • Request logging, log how much time you saved by using our extension with request counts and last request date!
  • Simple switch to disable everything! Who knows, maybe DDG doesn't want you inside, so I made a switch for all of you to disable the extension's functions very easy!
  • Simple button to re-process the webpage any time you want, in case of errors or slow page loading!


image1 image2

image1-1 image2-1

🔧 Bugs

Please report!

💁🏻 Feature Requests

You can use issues of this repository to request a feature! It's free, trust me. You can also make it by yourself and send a pull request! I can speak Turkish too!

💥 Extension Links

Chrome Webstore

If you're interested to help, check the Contributing page!

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