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#include "pgsnmpd.h"
void init_custom_queries(void);
typedef struct pgsnmpd_query pgsnmpd_query;
extern char *custom_query_config_file;
struct pgsnmpd_query {
char *table_name;
char *query_text;
oid *table_oid;
size_t oid_len;
int num_indexes;
int min_colnum;
u_char *types;
int typeslen;
/* Number of rows and columns returned by the query */
int rowcount;
int colcount;
PGresult *result;
/* How long (sec) before I need to refresh this result */
int cache_timeout;
/* When the result was last refreshed */
time_t last_refresh;
netsnmp_table_array_callbacks cb;
netsnmp_handler_registration *my_handler;
pgsnmpd_query *next;
pgsnmpd_query *alloc_custom_query(char *table_name, char *query_text,
oid *table_oid, int oid_len);
void init_types_array(u_char *types, int start, int end);
oid *parse_oid(const char *oid_str_orig, int *oid_len);
#endif /* CUSTHANDLER_H */