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zotxt: a Zotero extension for text

zotxt is a Zotero extension for supporting utilities that deal with plain text files (e.g., markdown, reStructuredText, latex, etc.)


  1. Visit
  2. Download the latest .xpi file. If you are using Firefox, you will need to right-click and "Save as"
  3. Start Zotero standalone.
  4. In Zotero, select Tools -> Add-ons -> Gear (upper right) -> Install Add-On from file, and install the downloaded xpi file.

pandoc integration

Please install the pandoc-zotxt.lua extension to pandoc as well as Better BibTeX, which provides excellent citation key management.

Using the citation keys provided by Better BibTeX in pandoc citation format, you can automatically connect pandoc to a running Zotero instance to generate citations. (An example of a pandoc citation is [@Doe2006] where Doe2006 is the citation key set by Better BibTex.)

For example:

pandoc -L pandoc-zotxt.lua -C -t pdf -o file.pdf

emacs integration

See zotxt-emacs

Zotxt API

The Zotxt API is exposed via To get an idea of what is possible, your best bet is probably to have a look at the test/test.rb file.