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zotxt-emacs works with zotxt to provide Emacs integration with Zotero, allowing you to manage citation keys for pandoc markdown documents as well as org mode links to items in your Zotero collection.


zotxt-emacs depends on Zotero and the zotxt Zotero addon, which must be installed first. Better BibTeX is required for pandoc and citekey integration.

zotxt-emacs can be installed via MELPA by installing the package named zotxt.

If installing without MELPA, please note that zotxt-emacs depends on request.el and deferred.el


zotxt-emacs requires GNU emacs >= 24.3. It should work with built-in org-mode or with the latest org-mode installed via the org ELPA repository.

zotxt-emacs requires Zotero and the zotxt addon >= 5.0.5.

Org mode integration

To insert a link to a reference into a org-mode document, first enable the org-zotxt minor mode:

M-x org-zotxt-mode

Then you can use: C-c " i (org-zotxt-insert-reference-link) to insert an item.

To update the current link text at point to reflect changed metadata from Zotero, use C-c " u (org-zotxt-update-reference-link-at-point).

To open an attachment of the link at point, use C-c " a (org-zotxt-open-attachment)

Pandoc citekey integration

To insert citation keys into a markdown document (for use with pandoc), first enable zotxt-citekey minor mode:

M-x zotxt-citekey-mode

Then you can use: C-c " k (zotxt-citekey-insert) to insert a citation key. You can also use complete-at-point to complete the citekey. For example, if you type @doe M-x completion-at-point, you will be presented with a list of completions. In markdown-mode this is not bound to any key sequence, but you can of course bind it as you would like.

See zotxt for instructions on using pandoc-zotxt.lua to automatically connect to a running Zotero instance to fetch citation data when using pandoc.


If you use Org-noter you can use the org-zotxt-noter command to select an item in Zotero and take notes on its attachment. Use the command in a headline, and it will either open the Org-noter interface or prompt for a Zotero search to load an attachment that can be annotated using Org-noter.


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