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    My personal website

    Updated Jan 18, 2016

    TypeScript 0 6


    forked from gandjustas/sptypescript

    TypeScript declarations for SharePoint JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) + lots of samples.

    Updated Nov 8, 2015


    An fork of the PHP Markdown (Extra) project, extended with extra syntax, especially focused on adding support for more HTML attributes to outputted HTML, and for outputting HTML5.

    Updated Jun 29, 2015


    SharePoint Automatic Document Downloader

    Updated Sep 15, 2014

    JavaScript 0 0


    Updated Aug 18, 2013

    JavaScript 12 4


    A HTML/JavaScript based Pomodoro Timer

    Updated Jul 24, 2013

    JavaScript 9 2


    A demo project that illustrates how to setup and get TypeScript, RequireJs, and Jasmine playing nice together.

    Updated May 30, 2013


    A small command line tool that will send a “Your password is about to expire” email to all members of a domain group if their password will expire within a specified number of days.

    Updated May 17, 2013


    A small Windows program that takes VsDoc as input and renders out the corresponding JsDoc.

    Updated Apr 23, 2013


    An console based Apache Log File to Access database converter for Windows.

    Updated Oct 10, 2012

    Java 1 0


    Updated May 23, 2012

    Java 2 2


    Updated Mar 19, 2012

    Java 1 0


    Updated Jan 9, 2012


    XML Driven Logon Script is an VBScript based logon script which behaviour (like mapping network drives, installing printers) is controlled from an xml file. This makes it easy for the none-programmer to build and manage logon scripts within his or hers organisation, since no knowledge of VBScript is needed.

    Updated Sep 8, 2011


    A odata ( plugin for jQuery

    Updated Jun 4, 2011

    JavaScript 2 0


    An JavaScript script for working with the OData protocol.

    Updated Sep 15, 2010


    Bachelor project: We aim to understand the algorithm for block tridiagonal matrix inversion, and evaluate the theoretic performance gain by parallelizing the calculation, as presented in (Skelboe, S. (2009). The Scheduling of a Parallel Tiled Matrix Inversion Algorithm), by implementing a prototype of the algorithm.

    Updated Feb 23, 2010

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