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calvin npm package

A minimalistic build tool for clojurescript in clojurescript that does not require the jvm.


In conjunction with boostrapped clojurescript calvin aims to enable a clojurescript jvm-less development environment

Current status

  1. Repls: calvin boostraps planck or lumo repls with the proper "classpath" as described in a lein project file
  2. Dependencies: calvin resolves and prints dependencies specified in lein project files
  3. Building: Calvin can now build your cljs project using the lumo build api and your lein-cljsbuild configuration. For more information look at the lumo build api


  1. Install lumo or planck

  2. Download and install via npm

Getting started

Once calvin is installed you can do this in your terminal

calvin -h

This will print out the help for calvin


To start one of the boostrapped repls you can

start a lumo repl

calvin repl

start a planck repl

calvin -p planck repl

Any remaining arguments are passed on to lumo/planck, so you can do things like

calvin repl my_script.cljs
calvin repl --dumb-terminal
calvin repl -c src -m my-project.main
calvin repl --socket-repl 3333


To discover the dependecies of a project

calvin deps

Calvin assumes there is a lein project file in the current directory. It will read such file and resolve transitive dependencies


Build will read the cljsbuild :compiler options of yout project.clj file. Please note that some compiler options are not supported by the

calvin build dev

Using node modules

Assuming npm is installed, here is an example of using an artifact from npm:

  1. Installation
npm install shelljs --save
  1. Invoking
(require '[cljs.nodejs :as node])
(def s (node/require "shelljs"))
(.echo s "foo")
  1. Latest node_modules inference in ClojureScript

ClojureScript versions 1.9.854 and after can treat node modules as namespaces.

Example cljsbuild configuration in the project.clj:

:cljsbuild {:builds
            {:dev {:source-paths ["src"]
                   :compiler {:output-to "out/main.js"
                              :main some-ns.main
                              :target :nodejs
                              ;; :npm-deps causes to treat node
                              ;; modules as proper name spaces
                              :npm-deps {:shelljs "0.7.8"}}}}}

Now the specified node module can be required like a ClojureScript namespace.

(require 'shelljs)
(shelljs/echo "foo")


Calvin uses Figwheel for interactive development:

 lein figwheel
 node out/dev/figwheel-server.js


A minimalistic build tool for clojurescript projects that does not require the jvm







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