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It is a single-page project management application. It allows teams to maintain "Boards", "Lists", and "Cards", each of which represents a task that needs to be done. The app smooths the process of assigning team members to particular tasks. Sign in with email or with passwords 123456, and see how adding one user as a card member, allows that user to fully participate in all the board's that the card is in actions.

Getting Started

You can clone it and test it on your machine! You have to have the server (run nodemon server.js or node server.js inside server directory) and client side (run npm start inside client directory) running.

Built With

  • [React] - front-end library to build single-page app
  • [Node, Express] - back-end
  • [PostgresSQL] - database
  • [Bootstrap 4] - styling

Deployment - front-end React app - server