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UIntegrate plugin for simple UI Integration Framework interaction


Go to dist/ and pick one of the versions:

  • dist/uintegrate.js - UIntegrate interaction functionality (documented below)

It will merge with the global Egnyte namespace when available.

When using CommonJS dependency management, you can require the plugin:

  • var Egnyte = require("egnyte-js-sdk/plugins/UIntegrate")


    //use the uint object to interact with Egnyte UI and/or APIs

uint object:

field type description
data object data provided by the invocation, must contain at least the domain field - egnyte domain you can pass to Egnyte.init(, options)
reload function() call this function to make Egnyte UI reload the current folder (after you make file operations etc.)
error function(message) inform Egnyte UI that your app had an error. The app is closed and a notification containing the message shows.
complete function(message) inform Egnyte UI that your app finished what it was doing and it can be closed. message will be shown to the user as a notification. Ending the app by just calling window.close() is not recommended and will not close the app if it works in an iframe.

In CommonJS/Node if you already loaded the SDK to the Egnyte variable, just use a separate reference for the plugin:

var Egnyte = require("egnyte-js-sdk")
var UIntegrate = require("egnyte-js-sdk/plugins/UIntegrate")
    //use the uint object to interact with Egnyte UI and/or APIs

Technical details

UI Integration Framework uses postmessage for communication. To make sure other messages will not get mixed with others, it uses a specific format for them. If your app is using postmessage to receive JSON data, make sure you ignore non-JSON messages like this:

try {
    //it failed to parse, please ignore