ReactJS ARIA tooltip
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Simple ReactJS component that adds the appropriate role, identification structure, and aria-hidden attribute for a tooltip.


npm install react-aria-tooltip


import ReactARIAToolTip from "react-aria-tooltip"

return (
    <ReactARIAToolTip message="Your custom message">
        <SomeTagOrComponent>Some content</SomeTagOrComponent>


  1. message string that will display in the tooltip (required)
  2. eventType this can either be 'click' or 'hover' (default 'click')
  3. direction the placement of the tooltip. Can be one of four options 'top', 'bottom', 'right', 'left' (default 'top')
  4. duration this is only applicable to the click eventType. This value defines the amount of time the tooltip is present after the user clicks the target element (default 2000)
  5. bgcolor controls the background color of the tooltip. (default '#000')

Note: Please use a color contrast checker such as to make sure the font color, defaulted to white/#fff, works with your bgcolor value)


React aria tooltip uses Storybook to validate UI behaviors and visual the rendering states. To see and test react-aria-tooltip run yarn run storybook after installing all packages by running yarn. This should start a local service at http://localhost:6006 where you can see the available directions (top, right, bottom, left) and events (click & hover) in UI wrapper.


<ReactARIAToolTip message="Tooltip text" eventType="hover" direction="bottom" bgcolor="#333">
    <span>Some text</span>
<ReactARIAToolTip message="Something fancy" eventType="click" duration="500" bgcolor="red">
    <img src="../path/to/some/image" alt="" title="" />


All styles are handled inline but each element contains a CSS class so you can override what's necessary to override locally. Below is the basic structure for reference:

<div class="ra-tooltip-wrapper">
    <div class="ra-tooltip">
        <div class="ra-tooltip-message">
            <p>Tooltip text</p>

MIT Licensed