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Udacity front end nanodegree intermediate JS project. Submitted Oct 14th, 2017.
JavaScript HTML CSS
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In this game you have a Player and Enemies (Bugs). The goal of the player is to reach the water, without colliding into any one of the enemies. The player can move left, right, up and down. The enemies move in varying speeds on the paved block portion of the scene. Once a the player collides with an enemy, the game is reset and the player moves back to the start square. Once the player reaches the water the game is won.

Game play

To open the game, simply open the HTML file in a browser that supports JavaScript. At that point, the game will load and the bugs will start menacing your character! The arrow keys are used to navigate the character around on the tiled screen. While attempting to avoid the bugs rolling across the screen, the goal is to reach the water on the top. Go for a swim; it's so refreshing!

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