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Add some missing prototypes.

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1 parent 211d2e9 commit e0d888c89a55e1a51e377a4ce50527462e74dd6e @fredrikt fredrikt committed Mar 23, 2011
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  1. +5 −0 ykpers.h
5 ykpers.h
@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ int ykp_configure_for(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, int confnum, YK_STATUS *st);
int ykp_AES_key_from_hex(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, const char *hexkey);
int ykp_AES_key_from_passphrase(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, const char *passphrase,
const char *salt);
+int ykp_HMAC_key_from_hex(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, const char *hexkey);
int ykp_set_access_code(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, unsigned char *access_code, size_t len);
int ykp_set_fixed(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, unsigned char *fixed, size_t len);
@@ -83,6 +84,10 @@ int ykp_set_cfgflag_CHAL_HMAC(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, bool state);
int ykp_set_cfgflag_HMAC_LT64(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, bool state);
int ykp_set_cfgflag_CHAL_BTN_TRIG(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, bool state);
+int ykp_set_extflag_SERIAL_BTN_VISIBLE(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, bool state);
+int ykp_set_extflag_SERIAL_USB_VISIBLE(YKP_CONFIG *cfg, bool state);
+int ykp_set_extflag_SERIAL_API_VISIBLE (YKP_CONFIG *cfg, bool state);
int ykp_write_config(const YKP_CONFIG *cfg,
int (*writer)(const char *buf, size_t count,
void *userdata),

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