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Would love to solve this one… #13

grantbunyan opened this Issue · 11 comments

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Grant Bunyan Aditya Bhargava Mark Tripney
Grant Bunyan

Whatever I do I keep ending up with this error:

FSPathMakeRef(/User/Applications/Coda failed with error -43.

…when trying to install.

Any ideas?

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the app amongst other things.

Aditya Bhargava

Sounds like an issue with Coda itself? I don't make the app, you need to contact Panic for that:

Grant Bunyan

No no, the app works fine (after the initial release problems!) it's just when trying to install cli support for Coda 2. I've been using your solution for a couple of years with Coda 1… thankyou by the way for that!

Grant Bunyan

I get the above error when running 'CODAPATH="/User/Applications/Coda" coda test.txt' as you specify in the install steps.

Aditya Bhargava

Try this:

open -a /Applications/Coda\ yourfile.txt

What does that do?

Grant Bunyan

Yes that works fine - launches Coda.

Aditya Bhargava

Hmm...that's all the gem is doing behind the scenes, so I'm confused why one method works for you but the other doesn't. How are you using the gem? Or maybe your version of Ruby is broken?

Mark Tripney

I'm a complete beginner with all of this, so please be patient!

I'm trying to get Coda 2 to run when I want to write Ruby. So, for example, I'm typing (minus brackets, of course.) I'm getting the error grantbunyan described above. Despite trying to alter the file path, as suggested on your 'Setting Coda's Path' section, I just can't get it to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I'd prefer to keep using Coda for all my coding (which I'm still very new to), and this looks like a great step towards that.

Thank you in advance.

Mark Tripney

Oops, error in the above post - should read, "So, for example, I'm typing coda hello.rb..."

Aditya Bhargava

Try changing CODAPATH="/User/Applications/Coda" to CODAPATH="/Applications/Coda That should fix the problem for both of you.

Grant Bunyan

Great, thanks so much. Frustration now over and I can stop the sneering from Textmate etc. users!

Mark Tripney

Fantastic! Thank you very much - works perfectly now.

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