[DEAD] Make impress.js presentations from markdown files.
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This project is looking for a new maintainer! If you are interested, please send me a message. In the meantime, I will continue accepting merge requests but I won't be fixing bugs.

This is a tool that converts markdown files to presentations using impress.js.


This presentation was created from this markdown file.

This presentation was created from the same markdown file and a different stylesheet using mdpress -s [stylesheet name].


  • dead simple, works with any markdown file
  • comes with a beautiful default stylesheet + more styles (more styles TBD) ... no need to write your own
  • ...but you can write your own easily if you want!
  • comes with prettify integrated, does code highlighting out of the box
  • has an auto-update mode; update your markdown file and mdpress will update your presentation automatically
  • quick install as a ruby gem
  • presentations are tiny and easy to distribute
  • presentations are easy to read as a plain text file


gem install mdpress


  mdpress [url or filename.md]

This creates a directory named filename. Start the presentation by opening up index.html.

See full usage (it's easy!).

Mdpress in the wild


Copyright (C) 2013 by Aditya Bhargava (MIT license)