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Can we finish this orally, my hand is starting to hurt.
it's sooo hard! I can't fit it in, it's just too small.
Come on! If it had gone in my mouth I wouldn't have cared, but you had to shoot it up the wrong hole!.
Oh jeez that's no good, he hasn't even pulled out yet and he's already losing wood.
its pretty hard, but I can usually ease myself into the hole.
This bush smells so good, I just want to keep my face in it all day.
AHH! It exploded in my mouth! But it tastes pretty good!
Ok, do you want to suck first or should I?
I like to just put a whole load in my mouth and suck on it
pull out the stick, wipe it off, then put it back in. Then pull it out again and look at how much fluid is left on the stick.
It's too big, it's too wide, it's too strong, it won't fit, It's too much, it's too tough
Yeah, sometimes I like to open her up and play with her.
Oh, I guess my hole was just big enough for you to fit it in.
I regretted it as soon as I put it in my mouth.
Don't worry, I blew him dry.
why the f*ck would you pull out right when im coming??
Come on guys, 69 isn't even that hard. Someone do 69 infront of the class now.
just no matter what keep making me take it, even if you have to shove it down my throat.
He's not going to be able to get in the backdoor, there's a stool in the way.
make sure your grip on the shaft is tight and your strokes long and hard.
Would you like the black one or the white one?
you have to go in hard and come out wet and breathless. You'll feel good when you're done.
I was lying on my back in bed playing with it and it exploded in my face.
best 4 inches ever
Hurry up!! It's getting hard! It's getting hard!
I can't go 2 minutes without getting railed from behind
It's so awkward, I hate how he always tries to have a conversation with me while he's in my mouth.
God, I love Cox!
if you play with it in front of me, I'm going to want to touch it.
but hes doing it so hard and fast!
I don't wanna blow Kevin's! I have no idea where that thing's been!
I don't think I could get my legs over top of those hurdles!.
I know that as soon as I take my top off, he's going to come.
You suck and suck and suddenly you get a load in the back of your throat
Well, it was all the way down, then Jenny brought it up some, and Kristin got it all the way up.
Everyday I get rode on. First thing in the morning, I wake up and someones riding on me, its not just guys either, girls too. I get rode on long and hard and they just won't stop. I'm just tired of being ridden on while I'm not ready
It's great, because there's a ton of positions and it's still really satisfying.
stop blowing on it!
if any of you need a good fingering, John would be happy to help.
is the oven ready yet?
You took it out way to early and im sooooo wet! Put it back in and don't get it everywhere!
forget about the wrapper, I want it in my mouth now!!!
Well I tried to get it all in my mouth before it made a mess, but it came out so fast.
The white one doesn't taste any different then the black one.
Wow, two holes and you miss them both.
He whipped it out, tried to squirt it in my mouth, but he missed and got it all over my face!
It only takes the skinny ones too, every time I try putting a bigger one in that tiny hole, the entire thing gets jammed!
Are you using the one or two finger attack?
My favorite treat is the Ho-Hos. Those ho-hos are fully of yummy white cream.
which side sucks and which side blows?
squeeze it hard..massage it...pull it till all the color comes out...yes it can get a little dirty
You can't just go in and pull out. You gotta stay there for a while. Also, keep it steady, nothing is worse than shaking. You may think you are doing a good job, but people don't like it.
That's easy! You suck on it, the stuff comes into your mouth, and then you swallow.
excuse me, how do i suck on these balls?
I hate it when they pull out when they know you are coming!
Don't make fun of me, he just got me so wet on that last ride.
it's fun to play with, but I don't wanna stretch the hole.
Just close your eyes and shove it in your mouth. Its small, slimy, and a little salty so you swallow it quick so you don't gag.
Guys are you sure that you wanna go like that, I'm free, I have nothing better to do and if you want I can give each of you a ride if you guys want, especially you michael, you're my favourite.
Where do I stick this thing?
What is on your shirt?
The stuff comes out no matter where you squeeze it.
That position looks awkward.
Why is it every time you come, you get wet?
It's so good I could suck on it all day, it's just hard to get anything to come out.
do it like I did it last night, knees on the floor.
Why would anyone want to shove something that big in someone's mouth?
Do you have any idea how long and hard I had to work to get her to come? Let alone, twice!
God, how many times do I have to blow this thing to make it turn on!?
Now I can handle 3 inches or so, but 6 is just too much to handle.
It's so big, look at all the white stuff coming out
Ow don't stick that up my butt, that hurts!
Yeah, Pedro and I did it last night, but I'm not sure if it counted because he fell asleep half way through. I just kept going though, because I needed to get it done.
I love it when black guys go deep.
Why is he riding my butt so hard??
Look at the size of the things they're blowing! It's huge!
it's not even wet yet, and u wanna go faster?
Now that's some good fingering.
I like the long thick black ones.
I can feel it in my butt.
hun don't play with it, the more you do the bigger its gonna get.
You stick it in and take it out, the second time is going to be harder. When you take it out the second time it may be sticky and wet, so don't play with it. Then the third time it will be smooth slick and easy to take out.
stick it in and keep it in till she comes!
You have something down there I didn't know you had.
KEVIN! Stop slapping it like that! Just smoothly slide it in!
it was big and black so I had to run.
It's not going to hurt is it? Should I look away?
i could beat it for you if you want me to
I can't get it back in.
Ugh, you got it all over me!
Why am I always the one who has to go down?
Nope, it doesn't fit. Too big,
Have you tried taking it out and putting it back in?
your nuts are stuck in my throat
I would be happy with 2 inches of penetration.
Oh, you really gotta put the whole thing in your mouth, or else all the stuff comes out all over ya
This thing is huge. I can hardly put my hand around it and it wont fit in my mouth.
Oh god, ohh god, OH GOD! This is gunna be amazing!!!
Geez, it's like he's never eaten out before!
Wow! That thing is huge, there is no way that would ever fit inside my body!
this thing is too big and hard and it makes me gag!
I'm just going to wrap your meat so it doesn't mix with the eggs.
would you stop using your hands and just stick the damn thing in!
it turns me off because it's so thick but it's still pretty good.
There's too much meat in my taco!
Yeah, it's hard. Why doesn't someone come up here and do 69 with me in front of the class?
Don't pull it out yet! You're not finished!
it might be in there, but it's so small I don't feel it.
Holy sh*t! It's so large and tender! I can barely fit my hands around it!!
Grab me around the body here, now lean back and kinda thrust a few times... Just like that... A little more... Oh God that feels so much better. You can put me down now.
No one blows better than me!
Oh man! I squirted!
I just suck on it till the juice comes out.
just squirt it in my mouth, but make sure you aim, I don't want it to get all over my face.
Go ahead and stick it in there when I'm not looking. It won't make it hurt any less!
Don't pull out! DO NOT PULL OUT!
You can't just whip it out and be like, this is a meter.
its too soft to blow!
Just shove it in as hard as you can!
yes I'll have mine white and twelve inches. I like the extra meat.
Ugh! I keep sucking and sucking and sucking as hard as I can but nothing is coming out!
Yeah, well, they're easier to blow when they're big.
I have a black man inside of me! All the time!
What the hell is wrong with you?! I couldnt get all that meat in my mouth even if i push it in all the way down my throat.
Isn't it the biggest, best, most beautiful cock you have ever seen?
I'll stretch it until you come.
I'm gonna go to the basement now and play with myself. Cya
Be careful! Don't stick the whole thing in your mouth, it's too big and you'll choke!
It's just not fair, he keeps dangling it in my face and he just won't give it to me!
Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it
do you really want it going into your mouth when you are sleeping?
You can try! I've been sucking on this thing for ten minutes and haven't gotten anything.
wow thats a big wiener to be putting in your mouth.
I like to put the whole thing in my mouth at once
Mr. Colby's was really long and hard, but Mr. Morris's was short.
you can't expect to just put it in, take it out, and it to be finished
Oh yes, the long, thick ones are hard to maneuver without suffocating.
it starts out soft but then gets hard and long and gives you a great ride.
This thing is huge. There's no way I'm gonna fit all this in my mouth.
Are you sure you want to continue unprotected?
No no, its way to thick and those heads are massive, they'll penetrate too far. You have to pull it out before it does any damage.
I'm just trying to get this sticky stuff out of my hole.
hand in your papers and we'll start the oral portion
I'm sucking but nothing is coming in my mouth!
You're doing it wrong, you have to push hard and make sure you get in there deep.
This thing just won't go in,
So what do you want your phone to be able to do?
you didn't put it in far enough.
It won't go in! Either it's too big or the hole is too small!
Stop, the more you rub it, the more it comes!
I was standing there and was like, I always ride the big one, why isn't it coming?!
Let me know when you're getting off because I want to come at the same time.
It's not working.
what was it like
OMG they are already hard, I just want to put it in my mouth right now!
Getting pounded by a swift and smooth approximate 10
Wait how many fingers do I use for this?
oh f*** i cant take this, it's hurting my butt.
yea I've been blowing all day and it just keeps on coming
The Trojans were stronger and safer than ever.
what are my chances of getting head 3 times?
oh wow that was so huge, but I just had to put it all in my mouth
you know i really feel like there is something powerful between my legs.
Mr. Meyer, it's just too hard, and I can't bear it any longer. Can you just remove it?
I remember when Dad asked if I was ready to handle a populated road and I was heaps excited but when I came to the intersection, I pulled out too late and a guy came in my ass
I guess we'll have to do it orally.
Oh no, she's going in with no protection!
this is starting to hurt my ass can we switch positions.
Yeah, but I've blown bigger ones, just didn't take pictures.
Ugh, Why is it so slippery?
put it back in so it can get hard again.
It didn't fit in mine either but I just stuck it in.
it's not that big, stick it in your mouth and suck it till the juice comes out
No! Don't pull out while I'm still coming!
ok guys, this thing is big and its super hard. so what we're going to do is hover right over it, tackle it, and then lower ourselves into it until it sprays. got it?
I love anything with balls.
Can you do 69 for me?
No, it's ok because i don't bite, I only suck.
Just for that, I'm gonna whip it out and play with it.
Well, if it will get you to come, sure it's my first time.
I get so impatient, it's just so big and juicy all I want to do is swallow it.
it doesn't hurt if you go fast enough.
Okay, I need two large male parts!
aww! I was about to blow and it got all in my hair!
Get out of my bush you little bastard, i just trimmed
You want to go in there, don't you big boy?
well most people are able to feel it go into them.
it goes down easy but is hard to get it back up.
I hate putting it in the back because I can't see where the hole is.
I took it out of my mouth and it sprayed all over me
Too big, I could ride that thing like a horse.
i felt it penetrate, but once it was in and it released all the liquidy stuff i couldnt feel it. But now it aches like f*ck
Just as soon as I'm done doing her, I'll come. Hold on!
You need to be long and hard or else if wont go in right and you wont be able to pull out right
Keep trying. It's had a lot of fingers in it before.
Three will do me... I had six once and couldn't walk.
This is longer than last time,
Get it out! Get it out! It hurts!
I put it in my mouth and I told him it tasted great, but OMG it made me want to gag so bad.
escalate slowly
I was in math class and we were starting on a new unit in math and my Ex-girlfriend says
We'll have to give it a good hand job.
Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were still inside.
Go ahead, come in my hole!
Mr. Jones how will you be giving the quiz to us, passing it out, written on the board?
Without any warning, he just plowed me from behind!
Open wide so I can stick it good in there
lubricate the rod before putting it into the hole.
I don't like bananas because they're mushy.
just go eat your fruit.
It's hard to get it flowing but once you do it's really nice.
Sorry I squealed, that was the biggest one I've seen in a long time.
And then it started coming out of the bottom hole, so i had to lick it up before it made a mess
ugh, why do we have to do these balls, these are so slippery and big, I really like the dry and small balls.
Get Fuzzy
it was too soft. I couldn't do anything with it.
Wow! It goes in easier when its wet!
I can blow good!
It's in right! Why does it hurt so much, it's not like it's my first time or anything!
Ahhh! It's in me! OMG, it's so big! It hurts, get it out!
Everything was great, but your oral presentation didn't satisfy me enough
I'm going to just close my eyes, lean back, and wait for you to finish.
Jacob, put your bone back in your pants, and don't let me see you playing with it for the rest of the night.
I don't know if my throat can take anymore. It was hard enough to make it the whole 10 minutes.
If it gets stuck, don't worry. Just wiggle it a little, and it will come out.
We're doing oral presentations today.
it doesn't have to be that hard to be effective.
Blow it harder, blow it like you mean it.
oh my God, slow down this is just too hard.
just blow and finger.
If it went any deeper i probably would have thrown up all over it.
It's really hard so I have to just keep in my mouth and suck on it for a while.
Gosh, get your freaking head out from in between my legs!
gosh, your making me so wet
just relax and blow.
Wow this is big, i don't know if i can fit this in my mouth.
Let's play the PS2, at least with disks when it doesn't work
I shouldn't yell or it might come in my mouth.
You can put it it in or take it out, but either way, you're not going to sleep tonight.
Huh, I've tried sticking things in there before, but nothing ever worked.
well I think it's in there but I'm not sure, it's really small
i love that stuff, squirt it right in my mouth
It's a pretty big hole...I put my finger in it.
I'll do it later. I don't want him to come while I'm down there.
You jerk him 'til he comes.
pull it out and stick it back in
Let's just do this one orally because it will gradually get harder as we go on.
your rod and shaft comfort me in great pleasure
I can't! It's so hard and my mouth is starting to hurt!
ok this is gonna be very hard with four people, so who would like to suck first
I don't know about your toothbrush, but my finger did a pretty good job this morning
My hands are too small and it's too big, I can't grip it
my hands are busy just put it in my mouth.
where is he?
This is so hard, it won't fit in!
Come on, put your mouth on it! Suck it! Suck it, Kathy!
It wont work. Her hole is bigger than mine.
Great job. You were really pounding those balls out there.
I like to start out on top, then when I get tired of that, I'll move to the bottom.
I still have the flavor of your nuts on my tongue!
I know it's only a couple inches, but it makes a big difference.
No no! Go deeper! It's not all the way in yet!
This is so hard, but I'm so hungry, I'd put anything in my mouth.
wow' you're going really slow.
i have 2 balls in my mouth, I'm gonna put another in and blow
It's too big! It will never fit!
It looks like we have an uneven amount of people, some of us will have to form a threesome.
No! I want to see balls!
O.K. guys, this is as hard as I can make it.
Don't blow too hard, you don't want it all over your face.
Stop shoving it into me! There's already one in there!
I can't wait to shove that foot-long in my mouth!
Oh my God, something just exploded in my mouth!
What are you waiting for? Just stick it in already!
You gotta bend your legs to get the thing in the hole.
is it suppose to hurt like that?
OH! Oh my God! I'm blowing all these guys!
It hurts if you bite it. I think I'll just suck it instead.
ugh, love the taste but hate the texture.
Are you pushing it in far enough? That might be why it's not turned on.
Just because your done doesn't mean I am!
i cant get it out of my throat! its like stuck in there!
It's dragging on the floor!
10 inches, black, nothing special.
Now don't jerk it too much or it'll fall off.
stick it in slowly then pull it out really fast.
I need to get better at blowing, I'm choking on it too much
Why is your stick shorter than the rest I've seen?
He gets so deep. Nobody's ever been that far inside, and it feels so good to just release it all for him!
You have to pump it til it squirts.
It's long but not hard
dang this is huge! i can easily fit 3 fingers in here!
ewww its all dirty, i dont wanna lick that
I like the taste of them, I just don't like the feel of them in my mouth so I just suck on them.
It won't go deeper because it's so big
I did a load of blacks last night, they were all in there...
Does anyone have a rubber I can borrow, I will give it back after I finished with it.
Was that too fast? I'd be happy to do it again but much slower.
Travis! knock it off, you got me wet, now finish already.
It hurts a lot the first time it goes in, but it's a lot less painful the second time, and the third time you hardly feel it at all.
The more I play with it, the harder it gets!
it's okay though, I just swallowed it and kept going like a trooper!
Don't ask questions, just put this in your mouth and suck on it.
I can't hold your position unless you come.
Dude, I squeezed it and it shot up into the air and landed on my face!
Is it gonna hurt?
If it weren't for me half these guys wouldn't even have wood
God, its just so big. And it bulges out there!
I touched it and was all hard!
You know, I think you took it out too early...put it back in for a while.
i know it's long and hard, but try to stick in there.
Wow, it's so short its embarrassing!
There should be a hole right around here where you can stick the staff in. Hopefully it fits.
can you go down, i need to finish
Do you want to come and taste my sauce
watch the tip it tends to squirt!
I've been blowing this thing for two hours, and I've got nothing!
It was hard. And something I'd never done before.
small on size, but big on pleasure
Yeah, it's so big but my opening is so small.
Oh don't worry, when they see you coming they pull it out.
Oh God, it squirted all over my face!
Find the hole with the tip and put it in. If you miss you will hear a sound. Push hard and keep it straight. Take your time so you don't mess up.
The more massive it is, the more penetrating power it has.
I've been screwing this thing for like 5 minutes, but it still wont come out!
You put it the wrong hole... take it out!
I'm blowing as hard as I can but it's not coming out.
let's try going deeper, just make sure to keep track of both balls and keep gripping them!
I hate it when it doesn't come out, because you know it's just going to explode.
You're good! Have you tried this before?
Push in and pull out slowly
Does it matter which process we use?
Yea it's been awhile since I've done it, so I bled a lot, but now it feels great!
You got it all over my face and in my hair, stop spraying all over me.
make sure you wash your hands after handling those sweaty balls.
He just jammed it in and it really hurt!
ya, guys are in and out before you even get your pants down
Damnit, you couldn't have pulled out 5 seconds ago?
Ugh! I always put it in the wrong hole!
I wasn't expecting it to shoot up in my face like that
I like to be on top of you to make sure you finish the work
So I guess you can't be trusted with anything bigger in your mouth,
Stop jerking it so hard,its gonna break!
Oh, yeah, I finger myself all the time.
If you squirt that in my face we are no longer friends.
it's easier to use your hand... it's faster
Put it in, you'll like it.
oh it doesn't matter the longer the better.
That hole is so hairy!
It won't fit. Wait, no wonder, wrong hole!
Your balls are perfect!
OMG I JUST CHOKED ON THIS! I was sucking on it and I didn't think it'd go up!
If you put it in there without a cover over it it will get so hot that it will explode everywhere, and i don't want to make a big mess.
You have to pump it long and hard so there is enough pressure for it to squirt.
Damnit, old man! I wish you'd pulled out 2 minutes sooner!
I can't fit it in my mouth! The cream keeps coming out and getting all over my hands!
If there's anything I'm an expert at, is making things fit into small spaces!
my turn
It's OK, bigger things have been shoved in there.
I can't get it out!
Stop playing with it and just put it in already!
I underestimated the amount of fluid coming out.
I've never blown a giraffe before!
just stick it in and enjoy it!
Is it hard to blow?
There's only 5 minutes left until lunch, can we go to lunch?
If you don't open your mouth, it WILL go other places!
Its longer then I'm used to, but I handled it okay.
I'm always banging something.
It was long and black and wouldn't get out of me.
Ew, I just did all of that work, and now I have white stuff all over my hands!
Guys, I know that fits in a lot of places, but you have to learn to control it.
Wow! That one was hard to blow.
There's more on the floor than in my mouth.
My ass is really sore, but I like it a lot.
STOP!! get out of my butt!!
Put it all the way in, but be sure not to release until you've pulled out.
It feels soft, yours is so hard.
You don't SUCK it, you BLOW it.
I really had to push that thing in because it wasn't fitting.
Do we have to stay on top of you the entire night?
No! You're doing it wrong! You're sticking it in the wrong hole!
my shaft is longer than yours.
To open it, just finger it like this and push.
If it were just a little bigger we could all enjoy it!
I keep sucking but nothing will come out!
I've been playing with it for a while but all I could get was a little squirt.
You have to jerk it off to get it to come out
It's okay, you can put two in at once.
you just have to shove it in & pump hard.
If you don't stop sticking that thing in me, I'll break it off!
Damn I penetrated too far!
it was nowhere as big as he said it was.
Try to stick it in the other hole
Wayside School
omg it just popped out in my face!
No I know they're just going to force it down my throat.
Okay you just gotta swallow it fast 'cuz if you let it sit too long in your mouth, it will be too creamy to swallow!
Yeah ,but I hate when you blow really hard and it explodes all over your face.
Give it to me in the front. Wait no, actually, give it to me in the back.
I was barely doing it for 10 minutes and I was dripping wet!
Oh damn it's too big, it won't fit. I guess I'll just have to suck on it.
Now it shouldn't hurt, it just might be a little tight going in there. But once it's in there and going back and forth, there shouldn't be any pain. The only bad thing about it is the annoying grinding noise it makes!
It's shorter than I remember!
I felt it squirt all over my face.
If I did that harder it would have gone everywhere!
i can't feel my thighs or my ass, but i want to go again!
Just put it in your mouth. I'm sure it tastes better than it looks.
You can't go that fast when it's this tight!
I'm pulling out now!
should i go deeper?
OW, why am I always the one taking balls to the face?!
Let go of me!
oh i loved it, i could ride that thing all day long
I was going to tell you not to blow your load too early.
It came, it finally came...THE BIG ONE.
Wait, once you get it in, how do you get it out?
Wow, it's really short but it seems like you get so much power into in.
Do I have to be here long?
Take it out before you shoot it!
32 inches is too big for the bedroom.
I want the thickest one!
Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me.
I've never done one this big before!
I came that day and I got massively wet.
Wait, are you sure I can get it in the back?
I love that stuff, give me some.
Its very large and has a big thick protruding object. And even after 30 years it still produces the same orgasmic moment.
It is so hard, and impossible to make it very long.
I'm so glad you made me come.
I'm still wet from this morning!
Wow these are the two hardest balls I've felt all day.
Wait! I can't find my rubber! I use it for my strap on!
You really need to learn how to screw better.
I want to ride that big banana!
How do you eat the foot-long? After six inches I'm stuffed!
Oh please don't pull out before I get there.
I have direct T.V., I don't like cox!!!
It's so fun to squeeze, and hold, and play with. And! It smells good! I never thought I would find such perfection!
Fine, don't pull out, see if I care!
from up here it sounds like your sucking start blowing.
wow, ur fast
Be patient, I know it's hard and the floor is uncomfortable, but I'm almost finished.
I still have the taste of nuts in my mouth!
Just put your hand down there and grab it
You have to pull it out, shake it a little, give it a minute then stick it in really fast.
Will you two stop playing so dirty! You just keep wacking each other over and over. Obviously it's not doing anything.
That's okay, We're used to being on our knees.
It's so juicy, it's running down my face.
Wow, eight dollars is cheap for a handjob!
If you don't take it in the mouth, you know where it's gonna go.
I've never done this hole before
You have to make me come again tomorrow, but I'll probably just sit around and watch you do all of the work.
I'll have a 12 inch Italian.
I scream really loud when it's hard.
it better taste good, cause it's coming fast.
I just put the whole thing in my mouth and suck on it.
It's hard to get really deep.
Put it in deep and don't pull out.
I didn't realize it squirted that much
that is at the worst possible angle to get it in there.
we did it in the bathroom and it got all over my face.
Wow, I didn't know what to expect and then it just came on my face.
Oh yeah, Oh yeah, i LOVE the white stuff, its so delicious!
Why won't it go in the hole??
how about I rub and you squirt?
We have to make this a quickie, in and out.
I'm sorry, I can't swallow this one.
Wow, you got me all wet and sticky.
Ugh! His head just won't fit! It's too big!
Oh God! There's just so much of it! I can't swallow it all at once!
I keep swallowing the white stuff, but it keeps on coming!
I want you to mount it and grip it tight. I don't want you sliding off the end. Lean forward slightly and touch back down.
Kaitlyn, what hole should I stick it in? the one in the front or the one in the back
I can't keep it in my mouth.
I need a 12 inch Italian Stallion (meat pizza).
AHHH! This one's a squirter! Somehow it sprayed into my ear too!! Grr now im gonna have smelly white crap all over my shirt all day. It's bad enough i'm already drenched in sweat.
Why do you have to put this one here? I think they look so much better without the rubber!
shove it in deeper we don't want it slipping out
I'm not good at this, it's too hard to blow.
Can we slow down? Actually, can we just dismount for a minute? I need to catch my breath, I'm not used to riding this hard.
Oh wow! They're so big! I hope they'll be able to fit in my mouth!
Wow! It's so much better when you do it faster!
Does it really matter if it's bent? You're just going to take it out in a minute anyway!
I'm pretty easy to please, you're the hard one
How are you doing in this position?
I'm trying to angle it just right so I get more juices.
Well, we're not going to just shove something in, jerk it around, and then pull it out again
Yeah but I like it when it hurts
It's hard being on top.
Now see this wood is hard. If you run your hand down the side you can feel the density and firmness
I guess I was so excited that I just couldn't wait to get it in my mouth. Remind me never to put something so big and... hard in my mouth again. It really tore it up.
It is so big I have to use both hands.
It was so small I didn't even feel it sliding out.
We haven't done 69 in a long time so you might not remember how to do it.
no sucking for at least a week.
Just put it in that hole so I don't have to bend over.
Because I always need something in my mouth.
I'm better on bottom.
Because I want something small that I can suck on.
Just stick it in so you can come already!
He can do magical things with his fingers
You just gotta stick it in there and move it around until the hole gets bigger, and that makes it easier to put it in next time.
Look, its getting harder!
You know I hate it when you squirt me in the eye!
Every time I squeeze it, it squirts me in the face!
i like to eat it plain because its long and juicy once you lick it enough.
I was waiting for you to stick your hand up in there
It's too hard to eat off of them
I just squirted everywhere!
Wtf? You know I like the short fat ones!
Dont spread your legs because I'm coming!
Did you know you have a little hole right here? Do you ever play with it to make it bigger?
remind me that I need a 12 inch piece of wood.
It's all stretched out from your giant head.
He would make a terrible father because as soon as it came close to the end he would just pull out.
i'll be wet before i get it up
ring hockey.
Keep on blowing.
It's harder when it's longer, isn't it?
Don't blow yet, just try fingering it first.
My hand and arm are getting tired.
This is a long and hard one, so ride it the hardest and fastest you can.
Geez, It just keeps getting harder and harder the more you play with it!
Don't push it in too deep, or it's gonna get stuck
Which hole does it go in?
It's pretty big, so you better get it in to me.
happy hour specials
It's suppose to be hard now and soft later.
When I blow, nothing happens!
How do you get it off?
this one's ugly but doable.
I can feel it with my hand, but I can't put it in the right spot.
I dont know what that hole is for, I've never had to stick anything in there
well I would need to wet it down before I slide down it.
Do that thing with your fingers, it needs to be a little larger.
It's just so hard being on my knees doing it!
Stop forcing me in already! When I'M ready I'll come!
How much wetter can you possibly want it?!
I didn't get my mouth over it before it shot out, but it all shot in my mouth anyway.
Put it in further and push harder!
It's really small, you gotta jam it in there real hard.
I wish we would have recorded that moment when the thing blew up and exploded all over my face!
I have to wash off my hands. After sucking on that thing they're all sticky.
Do you have a sec?
I don't think I am doing this right.
UGH! I squeezed too hard, and it's gooey and all over my face.
I can't it's too tight!
Does he really need to back up that far to pull out?
OMG it's so big I can hardly get my mouth around it!
oh my god, it's way to big it won't fit.
My fingers are too small, my hands cramp up! It's just too hard!
We almost had a problem. I didnt think the hole was big enough.
it gets stuck a lot, so you have to push really hard.
omg these are so hard to blow!
You killed your straw.
omg! that burned my throat.. seriously i couldn't swallow.
Yes! It's finally in!
You just have to get it wet then shove it right in!
W'hen the balls hit you its probably going to hurt since it's your first time
I love you, but you have to get out from between my legs
When you lick it you get white stuff on your tongue.
I know its hard, but we just gotta ride it out.
Harder, faster, keep going!
I don't know if I can fit another one in, I've already had so much junk inside me this week!
stop messing around in her shrubbery down there.
What's going on?
I'll scream if you don't give it to me!
Stick it in, then take it out in 20 minutes.
Wow baby, you sure were a trooper taking all those balls to the face
Stop putting that white stuff all over my face
Its to big to fit in, unless I twist it the right way. Or maybe if it was wet it would slide in better!
I give up, I don't know how to turn you on.
Is it gonna be longer than 6 inches because that's all I can do.
I don't know where to put it
Let's do it orally, it will be faster.
So first, you have to lubricate it, put it in and slide it in and out, until it looks good.
I always go deep down to get the slimy stuff out.
It got bigger, it won't fit back there
i can't play with this anymore, I'm all cocked out
Its not too hard. You just have to put it in the right place.
It's okay, I'll let you put it in anywhere you want the first time.
I can't wait to put this in my mouth!
Don't worry, I can totally handle a big one.
Wow I hope i can fit it in my mouth
You need a wet finish.
Holy moly! Six inches?! That's insane!
Awww man, I wish it was longer!
Everytime I take it out this stuff gets all over my mouth
If I have to wait for you to come I'll be here all night!
Does it have be just one partner or can it be a three-way?
Hold on, I have nuts in my mouth.
You have to wrap your hands around it and rub it up and down vigorously.
That's too much meat to put inside your body at once. But I enjoy it.
The bigger ones aren't as good.
I hate it when balls come near me.
You know, I can fit two in my mouth at the same time, but it's kind of awkward.
It's too big! It won't come out!
Woah, yours is a long one!
Oh my God, if you're going to come halfway in then just stay out!
Could you whip it out for me?
Don't poke it with a stick. Just run off and play with your balls.
You really have to suck hard to get it come in your mouth.'s right in front of me and I want it in my mouth.
You poor thing, you plowed me twice and didn't get paid!
Then should we suck you dry?
I have been having trouble getting them up today but luckily the guys around here are patient.
It's so moist I can eat it all night long.
I just can't wait to get that 6 inch in my mouth!
It's stuck between two balls and I can't yank it!
someone needs to hem the bottom of my pants
Do you like salty nuts? Ive got plenty here in my hand
WOW you must suck fast!
That was the least suspenseful thing I ever saw. There was no climax, and I think the whole production lacked energy.
it'll grow bigger, even if it might look weird at first, just let it grow.
It might be a couple of minutes, I can't get it in!
This position is really rough on my back.
the longer you play with it, the harder it gets.
You know, it actually feels better the farther in you go. Once you're all the way in, it feels perfect.
poke it and if it jiggles, put it back in for another 5 minutes.
I do this way better with my fingers.
Make sure you beat it until it gets really hard, and then put it in.
That's not doing the job, let's try it without the rubber now.
Will you be wet forever?
This ball is too big! It won't fit in between my legs!
let's go to a BBQ restaurant and get some ribs
Get it in my mouth, not on my face!
how long does it take to get hard?
five minutes is usually great, but sometimes I take it out early if it gets too hot
Whew, this is a really tight fit but I'm about to get it off.
It's not that hard just really long.
liked to suck on them until they get soft.
Now he's taken it out. It looks pretty big.
I don't want to suck on this anymore, but since I don't have anywhere else to put it, I guess I might as well just put it back in my mouth, at least it still tastes good.
No honey, not that hole, it's too small I don't think it will fit, try again!
I've never felt something go that far down my throat in my life!
Once I???ve been drinking a lot, my top comes off pretty easily.
Stop sliding it in so hard! You're going to break it!
He just exploded all over me!
Wow my hand can really make it squirt.
Just keep shoving it into holes and you'll find the right one eventually.
They're getting HUGE!
Don't poke me with that! It's got white stuff on it!!
I've never seen anything so short in my life!
How do you make it hard?
Screw the white one the black ones bigger and you get more bounce off of it. Who cares if its a little hard to control!
Bitch, you better not pull out
It just slides in so smoothly, and without any noise!
I'm the same way. I just suck on it until it melts.
Some of them are harder than others, but play with them over the weekend and see how you go
Well, I don't like the meat, but I like the flavor of the sauce.
Haha don't bend over, or you'll be screwed!
You can't dance beneath me when there's monster between my legs.
Here, I'll just put it in quick and fast.
I dont think it's going to fit, maybe we should get it wet, then it will slide in really easy.
It's been in your mouth for half an hour! Either spit it out or swallow it!
Damn it Adam, I could actually get some if you didn't keep pulling out so fast!
Keep blowing, it feels so good!
Don't let it get sticky back there or we won't do it again.
You want a ride? All you have to do is sit on it.
God no, I already have 2 in my mouth!
it was soooo long, and really hard.
I think you just play with it until it comes out.
I don't like it going in really deep at first, but then when I warm up I like going down,
Just push it back up
What happens if they don't grow?
I like the bigger ones cuz they last longer
yeah, just give it a tug and it'll come.
I can touch it, but i can't bang it
Let me see how wet it is before I put it in.
That was easy, I didn't even have to bang it.
Dad, it's not going in
...I got tired of looking at it, so I put it in my mouth.
I have been blowing it all day!
If you it pull it out of my mouth it'll come on my dress!
Well now you have to eat it because you already fingered it.
I don't like to swallow right away, I like to keep it in my mouth.
Stick it in your mouth and blow quickly.
You can't put it in yet, it's not hard.
Why is this in my mouth!?
Wow. I'm surprised it remained stiff.
Oww, oww, oww! It really hurts! What do I do?
LCD TV for my bedroom and my friend was over telling me how huge it looked in my room. I looked at him and said,
but I don't wanna bend over, I'm all sticky
My brother always wants to touch sister is afraid of it....and my mom wants nothing to do with it.
Wait! you have to wrap it up before you just stick it in!
i tried to straddle it but it was too big.
hey, how long is yours?
I didn't know if I was supposed to chew it, but it just busted all in my mouth! Now it tastes to bad to swallow.
Gosh I'm so tired of waiting on this im just gunna shove it all in my mouth to get it over with!
Oh c'mon, take it out again and let me play with it!
You gotta pull it out and lick all the white stuff off.
I hate going down because it hurts my knees.
I blew another huge one!
It's such a tight fit with the other three already in there!
Don't you think these buns are a little too big for this meat?
Well, it's not quite the size I wanted it to be, but it'll have to do.
oh, man! I have never been so wet and sore in my whole life
I knew it was coming but it surprised me anyway.
My hands hurt, its cold and these balls are too hard.
I can't take it. It's too big.
I'm Coming, I'm Coming. It just takes soooo long for me to get there.
Get your hand out of there! You're gonna stretch it out!
Any time he'd come I would tilt my head back and swallow the whole thing.
Stop fingering my muffin!
Don't suck too hard or it will shoot down your throat.
I feel so bad. I know you must've been looking for the perfect place to stick that in all night long.
It's a good three inches deep. You should be able to fit a nice big sized rod in there.
Man I hate the feeling of wet wood in my mouth
Do you have anything else I can put in my mouth?
Well that wasn't very satisfying.
Get on the bottom
Oh that was a great entry boys.
When are you going to pop up?
I'm having fun getting it off, but it keeps going back in my face
We were grabbing some balls and they kept slipping out of our hands
So how do you know when to pull out?
Don't shove that big thing in my mouth!
I've been sucking on this thing all day and it doesn't feel any smaller, just stickier!
I scream when I'm wet!
It starts out soft, but then it gets really big.
It's really dry, do you want me to pull it out now?
you guys are never going to get a good sound that way, it doesn't matter if your fingerings are perfect or if your tounging is great, if you don't control your air and blow in a steady unbreakable stream, you will never be successful! its all in how you blow!
Oh my gosh, I love Dick's!
i spit that out, usually i swallow that sh*it
It's too big, I need both hands.
Can that thing even spurt cream out anymore?
Slow down, I can't hear you when I'm bent over and it's plugged in.
Does it matter where I stick this?
Oh, I like this one better. Its bigger!
Go ahead and come
It's stuck again, help me get it out!
when he did it, it hurt so bad i teared, but then after the pain subsides and now it only hurts if i touch it.
It hurts like hell! Pull it out, Pull it out!
What? I like stuffing it all in my mouth at once.
Put it back in!
Do you know how long it'd take me to suck in order to get a swallow full?
That's cheap! It went in but then right back out!
Wow! I didn't know it could squirt that far!
These nuts are too small, they are so hard to find.
I could blow better than him.
If my whole hand covers it, then it's too small.
It's coming out little by little. Coming out squirt by squirt.
Then be quiet, and either spread out, or I'll spread you out myself.
I will turn it all on, you put it in, and ill do all the work
Tony! When you come use the backdoor
18 inches puts it here, we're gonna have to go in a little farther.
Damn that shit is going back and forth so fast i can't even see it.
I don't know how it got so big and heavy, but it went in good!
Just stick it in the hole.
Long strokes are more efficient. You can finish in half the time. Short strokes tire you out faster.
Don't squeeze it too hard or it will all come squirting out the top.
I feel the 3 holes but I don't know where to put it in.
stop! you're stretching my hole!
No, you're putting it in too far... you're shoving it too hard... well don't put your finger in the hole!
You will feel everything with this one, it has a very sensitive tip.
I'm really getting tired of having this thing in my mouth.
No! You must stick it in, and make sure it's moist!
Its not that it was hard, it was just very very long.
I know. It's thick and big, just how I like it.
Just because it's small doesn't mean it doesn't work
Thanks asshole! I really wanted your spray in my face.
Leave it in!! I'm getting wet, and its already in too deep!!
Stop playing with your self and get on with it, come on boys i want this to be fast paced
Oh no, it's stuck! We're going to have to cut it off!
You got to learn to work your mouth, and use your hands too.
what are you doing! you are going to get my sheets wet
what am i sitting on
God! You guys are unloading on me!
it was so big it wouldn't fit in my mouth
Give me the thingy, I know how to work it,I'll just stick it in.
I can't stuff it in there. I need you to help me.
I can feel it, but I don't know who it is.
It's huge! It'll never fit inside. Maybe we should grease it?
I hate it when you miss your bus by 30 seconds.
I know! I've never had to swallow one this big!
I have to change positions! It's all sticky over here!
I don't know how to go down on this thing.
That black one was really short. I was kind of disappointed.
Don't push it too hard, if it doesn't go in you must not being doing it right
I will beat you with this book!
This stick is too long to aim at my lips.
Oh my god it's so big! And furry!
get inside, you can fit!
Oh yeah I'm fine. I just had something stuck in my throat
It was horrible...probably the most disgusting thing I ever put in my mouth! It just kept gushing out.
Wow, I put the whole thing in my mouth.
Dammit, it got stuck again!!
It's always important to have two balls, so that when he's playing with one, you've got the other.
Put it back in and this time wait until you finish to pull it out.
I only saw the tip of it but it looks huge!
Its so hard, and I got white stuff all over me.
I just got nailed from behind!
When you think about it, it was inside of my mouth, so it doesn't really count.
It's too long and my throat hurts.
You have to wait for it to get hard and firm and then you can put it in.
Why did you scream so loud?
It's not gonna fit. It's so big & the hole is so small.
You look like you're doing well!
It went right in; you just slipped it right up there!
i like it cause the stick is so big, it feels good, its so easy to pull
No thanks, the little ones don't last long. I prefer the bigger thicker ones.
if you go down low and pull out in the corner, your gonna get back tapped by 4 different guys
Mine is thicker, so it's better in your mouth,
I hope to come everyday because that means I make money everyday
you can all go home and practice with your right hands.
It doesn't have to be long, but it has to please me and it has to be easy for me to see.
Oh my God, it just squirted all over my hand!
it starts around 11 pm and gets intense at 1 and stays like that till 3.
Let's wait until it gets thick before we put it in something.
I can only eat a six inch
That sounds painful,
Can we do this without talking?
Well, my husband is pretty big, and I want him to be able to get in and out pretty easily.
The girl said,
Why do you always pull it out when I get to the good part?
It went down the wrong hole!
Hurry, whip it out so we can get started.
Gaz, stop hitting me with your balls!
It was so worth getting on my knees for that.
Make sure you lube it up before you drill it in.
Then I caught a MASSIVE one and rode it till all that white stuff was gone!
its packed in too tight I cant get it out
This morning I blew it so hard I thought I was going to throw up.
You may be able to get it to fit, but it is a really tight space.
Yeah, look how wide her mouth opens!
Man, this is a lot harder then it looks, i can't do it.
How about we finger it first?
the harder you go, more will come out.
Head is important, and make sure you give a lot of it to your customers.
I hate it when you have it in your mouth and you just don't want to swallow
Simpson! You've been waving your nuts in my face for too long!
It's too small, I won't be able to play with this!
You have to keep shaking it, that's how you make it hard!
I want to blow that one!
Yeah, when you suck on it, it gets harder.
Open package and insert here.
I put it in but then it hurt really, really bad so I pulled it out really fast.
You need to keep your contact tight and your hips loose.
It looks better when its all wet.
everything about our intercourse pained me
i guess i just liked sticks better than balls
I'm super sticky (I'm an art student and had been messing with glue all day) I'm dripping wet and the worst part is I assumed it wouldn't come until later on!
Travis! Just go down already!
I am going to have to do it sideways, it's just that big!
I can't get it in the hole! It's too hard!
Ewww... Anything that comes out of a sack tastes terrible!
it needs to be long and fat.
Jeez, how many inches is that?
Hurry up!
give me three more inches.
WOW! That's a really big squirt!
It's too big! I can't put two hands around it!
omg you squirted it in my eye you bastard, it burns!
It's so big! I can't possibly fit the whole thing in my mouth!
that was the most enjoyable sausage I've ever had in my mouth.
blows to hard it gets all over get face!
Which hole does this go in, the bottom or the top?
Oh thank God it's shorter. Otherwise that would be waaayyy too long for me to handle.
It's a lot easier with your legs open.
Don't worry, it won't be very long. Or hard, for that matter.
Ow, please don't put it in that hole, it really hurts.
How do you get that thing in the hole?
What the heck is this white stuff all over the place? It's sticking to my hair!
Since we're having problems, I guess I'll just give it to you orally.
But I banged him!
They penetrate into you about this much.
It's rubber and it feels weird.
I keep trying to tell them that if they want it bigger than 8 1/2 inches, it won't work as well!
Yeah, I always have to fake it with him too.
Can you fit your whole fist in there?!
This thing has been poking me all day.
I love Dicks!
just shut up and shove them in!
Why are you so hard right now?
Slide in all the way.
It was long and hard...I mean 2 late nights in a row.
Oh my god, I'm shaking so bad, it won't go in!
I'm trying but its kind of hard to do with only one hand.
that's never gunna work
I just can't believe that huge thing explodes 8 to 12 times every day!
It's the wettest thing in the world.
Stop! I'm already wet without you putting your hands on me.
I like them hard,
I don't mind that it's skinny, it's just not long enough.
Wash this.
blow harder, it'll come out eventually.
wow I've never seen any that thick before! I bet this means we can't fit as many in now.
I wasnt sure if i could take anymore but i swallowed it anyways
Oh my God. I can't keep this up all night. It's too long and hard for me to do! And then I'm trying not to scream, and it's just making me more crazy!
No, it won't fit in that spot! Try the other hole ... See? It fits better in there.
you wanna get it right the first time, you don't wanna have to keep putting your cargo in and out and in and out cause something might break
Emily, pull out!
She helped me put it in the back
Hey, just because you got off doesn't mean I did.
how big is this thing gonna get?
Oh my gosh! Does all that have to fit in there?!?
Hmm...I like anything that can fit in my mouth.
Ow, now my cheeks hurt from blowing too hard.
It's really wet and I've already had a couple kids go down unexpectedly.
I cant blow hard enough to keep it up.
It tasted so good I didn't know whether to spit or swallow it!
It's too hard! I can't get it out.
I'm sucking so hard and nothing is coming out.
You have a 50% chance of getting head and a 50% chance of getting tail.
There's a huge load in the rear.
Why'd you take it out?! Put it back in!
What kinda hole do you put that big thing in?
It wasn't hard but it was in so it still counts!
Please don't feel threatened by the thickness of this. It shouldn't be too hard.
I can fit two in the rear and one in the front.
Ahh, it hit me right in the face.
get out of it down there, your whiskers are tickling me!
Oh man, we have a lot of good ones???I just wish I could remember them.
it only works if it's wet
UGH! I keep licking it and rubbing it and it won't come off!
I love staring at people when they pull out.
It's okay i get hit in the face with balls all the time!
It's long, but its not hard.
Now let's do this loud and hard and fast, like it was meant to be done.
Ughhh, I finally managed to swallow it all.
usually you have to jerk it a couple times before it does that
God, we've been doing this for, like, an hour and it's still stuck!
Yeah, so I had to sit there and blow it really good so it would be dry.
Damn I forgot to put the laundry detergent in.
Moooom, it won't fit!
I just can't seem to get it in the hole!
I don't like a mouthful, I just like the taste.
Wow it's a tight fit to get in there hey?
Adam stop spraying my face! You're making me all wet!
Oh I call top!
I cant suck that! It is way to large to fit in my mouth!
Look! I can put the whole thing in my mouth and take the nut out!
Quit fingering it, and just eat it.
I dont like things that squirt in my mouth.
He could see where the hole was, but it just closed up so quickly that he couldn't get in there.
Just put it in now and you'll feel a lot better.
That was really slippery, do you want it tighter, Jordan?
I don't know how it happened, but I got a lot of it my mouth and it was nasty!
grrr.. my vibrator is broke
Justin, stop playing with my rack!
I've never gotten one off that fast before!
There we go. It took us three tries, but we got it up and going.
It's too big we have to move it around to get it out.
That's not fair, this one is three times more likely to give you head than tail.
Can you STOP making my hole bigger!
Can you put it in? I can't seem to find the hole and it's starting to hurt already.
Back in my day they weren't as big, you could get done with them in no time.
It's a rough ride in the back. We had to hold our boobs or it hurt.
It was a lot easier on my knees.
Just close your eyes, they all taste the same.
I tried to blow it, but it got in my eyes.
It slides in your mouth easier.
Just stick it in already!
I could make sex, but it doesn't fit anywhere.
Aw you popped my cherry! Wow, that's disgusting...
My thighs are sooo freaking sore.
I opened my mouth too wide and it dribbled out.
I thought I could swallow it all, but I was wrong.
put your fingers in all the holes.
Speak softly and carry a big stick
But I'm not wearing protection!!
Oh look it finally came up!
wow im getting really lightheaded from all this blowing!
If it wasn't wet, it wouldn't have worked!
Omg, it's soo hot. It's all over my mouth and down my throat!
just put all three in your mouth!
keep comming until I say stop.
Sarah get me a wet paper towel, I got it all over my leg and it's dripping
stop playing around and get into position
I'm just going to do this quick and dirty.
It's everywhere! Give me a tissue!
be careful not to put it in the wrong hole.
I can't imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that thing.
Aww man this job makes my hands wet and sticky!
Can this be over soon? My butt hurts so bad.
What are you doing?
i like 'em really tight.
dont worry, the first hole is a practice hole
If the SIZE doesn't amaze you, the TASTE will!
you gotta ride that
Just put it in any hole that's wet enough...
can you fit that thing all the way in the back of your mouth?
it's to long. i don't know if this will work. It's just shaped so weirdly i don't know how they got it in here
HEY FATTY, i get the top
It sucks because the grass is all wet. Slippery balls and yuckkk.
It's not big enough.
You have to get it wet or else it will get sticky!
Oh, my god Nick, you just about made me spit that out, like, EVERYWHERE.
They're going to keep coming like a rain that never ends.
Cheesy Prize Thursday
It's not longer, it's just harder
Hey we came at the same time!.
That was really deep Kevin.
What if you choke on it?
No matter how hard I suck on this thing, it still won't come up.
This may be a little rough, he's really big.
Come on, open wider, you can fit more in!
If you could make it harder, that would really help.
It slides in so easily.
Faster, Joseph! Keep pushing! I know it's hard, but we're almost done.
You really need to be in the mood for it or it just leaves you feeling unsatisfied.
You have white stuff all over your face.
I did all the hard ones last night.
I think I need a big black one.
Don't you dare pull that out yet!
You looked like you had two enormous balls in your mouth.
Just put it in, make sure it won't come out, and I will take care of the rest.
When he turns it up, it goes so hard it hurts...Like it made me cry.
How much for a finger and a movie?
Well, his is stiffer but yours is longer
Wow, if it was that wet, I'd just keep going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. That would be fun.
Would you help me get this thing out of here? It's too far in and it's stuck.
It was so good, I wish it was still in my mouth.
That's good, because no matter how wet you get her, it still won't penetrate!
I told him a thousand times not to squirt it in my face but he did it anyway!
I like my meat hard.
Why is everyone going so deep today
Well, it's big and black...
Houston, we have a problem. It's too big.
Dig deeper! Finish hard!
I'm too tired to get that off with my hand.
My throat's numb! I'm ready to go!
i was just about to come and then you knocked
oops, I think my tailpipe just got stuffed.
Crap, now I have all this white sticky stuff on my hands!
That was pretty big, but it could've been bigger!
The balls are just hanging there!
What the fuck! Don't you know how to aim, you got me right in the eye!!
Just stuff the damn thing in your mouth and swallow.
It's getting too hard to blow.
It won't go in!
Just because it's long doesn't mean it's hard.
Alright, take out that big monster.
there's too much friction, I can't slide down.
Push it in harder!
Wow, the dang thing is really in there, how will I get it out?!
When you put it in your mouth it starts out hard but then if you keep going it gets really wet.
I can't, it wont go in any further, and if I push it anymore it'll get stuck!
I like to do it slow because it lasts longer.
You can lick it all you want, but don't bite it.
Haha, my hole got super big.
not everyone can do it, there's a technique for getting on and staying in, and frankly getting out can be just as difficult. Not to mention, a lot of people don't know what they're doing while they're in there.
This would be so much more enjoyable if the balls were smaller.
When I get this thing in my hands, I just can not control myself
Stop it I can't take anymore!
Sure, just spray it in my eye.
I can't see it, can you make it bigger?
I wouldn't be able to pull out with this big thing.
squeeze it really hard until it comes.
who wants to be the giver this time? and who wants to be the receiver?
so tonight's the night to make it dirty.
i like sucking all the flavor out till it turns white.
I heard you breathing. That's how I knew you were coming.
You need to stay in longer, your pulling out too soon.
Well, I can't do it as fast with my bad arm.
sometimes when you ride too long, you get wet
OMG it's so hard to get it all down!
It's shrinking, I can feel it!
So we can use either hole, right?
Just taste it, and then spit it out. Don't swallow.
As soon as I squeezed it, it squirted on me.
it makes my day every time he comes inside.
I had it and my sister wanted it, so gave it to her and she rode it for a while.
You have to put it on the hole and push it in.
It came all over me and I'm all wet.
Now if I can just get it in the hole, I'll show it to you up close and personal.
I tried to stick a tampon and a few other things in there but it just didn't stop anything, so I figured it was time to call a big, strong man to do the job for me.
Yeah, the bigger it is, the harder it is.
Dont come in my face and expect me to keep my mouth shut!
I like the bigger ones better because I can hold them better.
I love to suck them to get the juice.
Spread your legs, bend over, and remember, keep going until it comes out.
Nolan! You got it all over my face!
Be careful, I don't want it going off too soon again.
wow this knob is stiffer than I thought it would be.
...but Harry, you are SO thick sometimes!
I can't get it to come out
OW! Walter! You're so god damn big! I think you broke it!
it was little but it went deep.
no, no, you have to do it harder and faster.
normally i just shove it in and suck it.
Pull out now?? In our moment of triumph??
I know who you are. I know what you like. I know how you like it. Be here in 15-20 minutes.
The rod's gotta fit in the hole real nice and tight. If it slides right in, the hole's too big.
that's it babe... Pull out in front of everybody.
You're in good and deep now.
I like the long, skinny ones. Those are very in.
Right i'll go down on this one
I can't find the hole!
This one's nice and thick.
Wow that took a lot longer than it should have.
You keep trying, but you can't get it in!
but u have to do it in front of me and put it all in your mouth.
That was awesome but, now I am all wet.
Oh my god, this just keeps getting harder and harder!
push in, pull out, push in, pull out.
It was really big and uncomfortable in my mouth
I didn't touch your thing, but its up
Just jerk it as hard as you can!
Ooh, I love the long, juicy ones!
Don't touch it yet, it ain't hard enough.
You're gonna have to put it in for me.
Just hurry up and shove it all in there!
Wow this one is really long, it might take a while. Hope you guys can handle it.
I think i need a big black one.
the smallest I'll go for is 3.5 inches.
Wow, why do you only have one hand on there? Is it not big enough for both of them?
Say Yes to the Dress
Why do they stick it in so far?
I'm sorry if it's a little dusty down there.
it keeps going in and popping out again!
We may be in for a wild ride, it's coming at us hard, but if we are prepared we may be safe.
Okay, I wake up in the middle of the night, and it feels like he's been inside me
That's a mighty big snake. I don't know if you'll be able to fit it all in your mouth.
Wow it pops up quick!
people could stick things in there and jiggle them around and it could ruin the whole system.
I like this one because it's skinnier, but longer.
has everyone finished writing this down? I want to rub this all off the board
It was long, hot, and sweaty.
i still use my fingers all the time
This is way too small, it just doesn't feel right.
it's dripping down my leg
Normally there's a huge climax but for some reason it's not coming.
Son, after she gets off, then you can leave.
I have three holes.
Do I suck it or just put it all into my mouth?
I had to suck really hard to get it up then it went straight to the back of my throat!
All he does is sit there and rub his tin sword all day long.
Don't blow but finger them.
You idiot, wrong hole!
Take it out and start working on it.
It's not coming fast enough.
Drive those balls deep
Yeah, going in is a lot tougher than coming back out.
Wait we didn't do it right, there was supposed to be a big explosion at the end!
Ugh, a big glob just landed on my cheek.
It's really big and goes in really deep too.
OH It's running down my leg, dammit now it's in my sock.
Just stick it in there already!
That's beautiful too... with the big balls.
put it in mine and see if it works
But,I play with it all the time, I just can't stop.
Watch, I'm gonna put it in that little slit.
I'd pull mine out, but it's too hard to get out.
The hole is too small, it wont fit.
The little ones make it last longer.
Try hard, Do your best it's only a test of how well you can do. If you need help measuring get some help. You want to be good when your doing it.
Hold on this will be amazing, if I can find it.
My backdoor is not working, you'll have to use the front door.
That's okay we can just use lotion to get it off
Wow, it's amazing what you can do with your two fingers.
I can do a lot with this even though it's short.
The opening is in the back, so you kind of have to slide it in from below.
When I pulled it out, there was white stuff on me.
My biggest fear is that it's going to get into my eyes.
It's spraying that stuff everywhere and no one's cleaning it up.
best night ever.
If i squirt you, then you can squirt me.
dont worry, im being careful
Ya, that's the right one. I think you're putting it in wrong.
What'd you have to do that for?! I wanted to make 'love'!
Aw! It just blew junk in my eye
I'm bleeding and it hurts, but I think we should just finish.
I knew that was gonna be a good one as it was coming out of my mouth.
Anything you can put in your mouth I can put twice as much!
eww its all coming in my mouth
But it doesn't feel that long.
UGH! When u screw it the stuff comes out!
can you help me with this? I can't get my hand around it.
you need to pull it out, lick it, and stick it back in!
I can't get in in gently and I don't wanna just shove it in
It's so big I doubt I can fit it all in my mouth.
That's right, you can't stick it in if there's one in there already.
Thank you for coming, I know it was long.
Wow, that's a good should pull it out at parties.
It's going to be really hot and tight.
I looked down and saw this black thing going in the hole.
So you take the cap off, stick it into me, count to ten and pull it out.
This is so easy, I could be in this position for hours.
Oh, come on! Just stick it in already.
OMG, it's not coming out! No matter how much I suck, its too thick.
It won't go in, it's just way to small!
oh its bigger than I thought.
oh yea, right there. rub it harder. they can dock their boats in the Queen's harbor.
Argh, you always come at such annoying times.
OK... I swallowed!
do you know how much it sucks to wake up to a vibrator every day?!
There's just something about Papa John's sauce
If ure going to come late, come in the back!
You can just come, you don't have to eat.
Wait could you do that once more, real slow so I can watch.
Yes, but she spit it out!
You're in the right spot, just try to get in there deep.
You know, you can't fit an entire orange in your mouth.
Wow that's a really big dog.
That was so bad I'm gonna give you another chance.
Put it in and then you can come inside.
stop blowing it or you will hurt yourself!
I usually just go down but sometimes they make me do other things.
Mmm, I like where your head is.
What was that?
are you ok?
Take off the wrapper and pop that sucker in.
We almost have this! Push harder!
Just give me something to shove in my mouth!
Sure, just make me go down, why don't ya!
Thomas you have to push it in and twist!
I need more wood.
I've been trying to get that f-ing nut off all day but it was too hard and tight!
Every time you come in my room you make a mess.
I will wait until it's hard.
it was the best thing I've ever put in my mouth!
GET IN THE HOLE! Damn this thing is just too big! I'm gonna freaking EXPLODE!
Yup. Done a couple blacks, you know nothing major.
put your monster in here
dude just stick it in this one, it accepts cash
it was so much bigger than I expected!
I'm a little suprised, its not usually that quick.
I'm not even going to touch that one I'm just going to sit on it.
I love it so much! Look, it's pink on the inside!
Don't you dare put that thing back in there!
Looks like someone trimmed that bush.
Ahhhhh! It just keeps coming! It's coming again!
I should blow this as hard as I can
it wont fit!
No fair! He came right between my legs!
I'm getting it wet first so it won't hurt!
Do you have to suck harder to get more out?
I'm putting it in all the way and it doesn't work! If I keep pulling it out it'll get even harder!
You have to pay to use the front entrance, but the rear entrance is no charge. I prefer using that one; it's more fun.
This isn't even fun anymore. Its hot, sticky, and taking too long.
Are you stiff yet?
lubricates it so it can easily go in and out.
I was playing with it, and then it got longer, so I yanked it off!
It looks like it's wet, you rubbed it too much and now it's wet.
That's the dumbest position I've ever been in, all I did was sit there and get paid to do it.
How far do I push this thing in? It's so hard.
How am I supposed to do this, it's so short!
Don't finish before me! Wait for me, so I don't have to finish by myself!
It's so big! I can see it getting up there but I don't know if it'll fit in.
Reach down there and pull out some balls.
Alright Justin, what am I doing wrong here, help me out cause it shouldn't take this long.
I didn't know you could finish that fast!
I prefer the ones that are wider and softer over the skinner, harder ones; those just squirt too strong
I don't want it to blow in my face.
it's not like they are both in your mouth at the same time.
omg, I don't like any of these positions!
man, this is a weird screwing position.
I just love watching you try to get your mouth around that.
Pull it out! Pull it out! Pull it out!
Now, if it's not rising, you may want to reposition your head!
If you accidentally leave that unzipped, all your stuff will fall out.
And then I get to blow on a really long stick.
You don't know what it's like to have these things hanging in your face all the time!
i don't think you're going to get that out in time.
it would be better with more people but one-on-one could still be fun
Damn, this is a tight fit.
I didn't see him coming so I had to switch sides.
Ahh! It's all over my face!
Will you just stick your thing in me so it won't hurt me anymore? Because I REALLY want to do this.
Why the heck won't it go in? Oh, it's not stiff enough.
OK, I'm just going to hold this and stare at it until it comes.
We can't just stick a finger in the dyke, someone's gotta go down.
You can suck them and suck them and suck them and they will never get any smaller!
Push it in slowly.
Every time I stick it in, it slides right back out!
Here you hold it, and i'll slip it in, ok?
They look thick to begin with, but when you put them in your mouth it is really quite surprising our thick they really are.
We need at least 6 more inches before we can continue.
I think I can squeeze you in.
You need to be careful with your fingering, or else you won't make it all the way up.
Why are they all so big? I just want a small pair of balls!
Maybe you should go around the other side
It's times like these where i wish my mouth was bigger.
Use one finger, not your whole fist.
You're gonna have to play with getting your hole wide enough.
Now, a lot of you are doing it or have done it before, so you should have some idea of what you're doing.
Good job, you put it in there!
I just kept shaking it, and shaking it,and I even pulled, but it just wouldn't shuffle.
It keeps being dried up when I pop open a new one
Dont you dare take that out of there!
once you suck all the juice out, it's pretty much good for nothing.
Wow, I didn't know he could get that long!
There you go. Push it up into her.
If you don't get that thing away from me I swear I will snap it in half!
Make sure it's in all the way
I'll have the 8-inch, I haven't had a 12-inch in a while.
pinch pots
In fact, you're soft all over!
I like medium-sized, not massive.
Eww.. it's all over me. My face is sticky and I'm wet.
Hmm, its wet...but it's not turned on.
well tonight we're going all the way!
I don't know what I'm doing. I really like him but I don't know how much he likes me.
This sucks I'm all wet and I don't know where I am
you've got to make sure you shove that all the way in for it to engage.
You gotta wiggle it around a little bit, it's kinda funky.
Why won't it go in? It's so small!
Come on, put your fist in.
Stop talking and put some effort into it!
it was long and hard and boring
It was absolutely huge,much bigger than any of the ones you would have seen before.
Its too big for me to work with
It's delicious. So thick, and so juicy.
There is no way that will fit in there! Just look at how tight it is!
Alright, come on, girls on top, boys on the bottom
It's hard to suck
That's quite big, it might not fit. Oh shove it in anyway!
Can you not drive like that while this is in my mouth? It's going to get all over my face.
Hey Curt, Think you can make that hole any bigger?
The longer it gets, the harder it is.
Oops, sorry, I swallowed
Sadness... even thought it's hard you need suck it up and swallow it.
Oops, sorry, I swallowed.
Don't put that in there, the hole is too dirty
No, you have to stick your whole hand in there.
Ahh! It just squirted on my face!
you have to pull it long and hard until it comes.
First I like to go up, then I like to go down, then from side to side and then all around.
Well, 13 inches is way too small. I could do 15, but I'd prefer 17- It'll make everything faster.
slow down, i can't get it in the hole.
When I opened it it was hard, then I bit into it and it tasted bad.
But, its so long and hard!
Go hard or go home.
Oh My God i'm craving a foot long
this is a ball-handling skill.
Do you always have to be so rough?
Ew it's all wet and sticky!
no its ok, you don't need to pull it out.
just pull it out while you're sucking on it.
Do you go all the way or do you pull out?
Just try blowing harder
The faster you bang it, the more it hurts
I know, he licks and licks and makes everything wet!
Is there any white stuff on my face?
Oh man! It squirted on my face!
I can't spread my legs far enough to get on it.
It's not how hard you blow, it's all about technique.
Make sure you shove it kinda hard so it goes in the holes.
It's so slippery, I can't stop!
Wow! That's a deep, dark crack down there!
The hole is not big enough.
You came! You came! It's about time!
It's so deep, and moist!
Wow, dude, your hole is so big compared to mine!
You're really shoving it in, aren't you?
How am I supposed to get my mouth around this?
It went in already! i didn't even feel it!
Wow, this is a lot to swallow
You need to get back on top.
Just aim at the hole and shoot it in.
Where should I spit this?
I take most of my shots in the behind.
It's so thick I can't get my hands around it.
Omg it hurts so much but it feels so good.
Straddling wood is more comfortable for me, because I ride.
It's hot, warm and tastes so good in my mouth.
it is the same but you have to suck instead of blow
aww, its all loose now!
God! Why is it so long!
careful that one's really hard and slippery.
We'd love to be sitting on your face
wow you are the perfect length for me right now.
stop playing with that. You'll stretch it out and then I can't use it
come on! just put it in your mouth and blow!
Yeah, just stick it in there. You gotta shove it in that hole.
If you can get the inside wet, you should be able to get it off.
Is it wide enough for you?
I have to be careful or it might come out all over everything.
Yeah, you can only play with so many balls.
Fine, I'll have to play with myself instead.
No, I want to wait so I can get more than just the head in my mouth.
Pull the fuck out!
I'll be finished long before you're done squirting that in there.
Sorry guys, it usually takes me a few holes to get warmed up.
...a great penetration!
when you get it open I know just the right way to squeeze it to get all the juice out
Wow! This tastes much better than it did yesterday!
Come with me!
it feels tighter than before.
He was big and I was nervous, I just took the picture and got out of there.
I think it's in already.
Amanda just let me poke her in the face with that stack of money.
Wow! I got her pants so wet!
Just pull it out gently.
wow.. that's a massive organ
You might wanna shove your hand down there, and see if you can find it before you get in.
don't get off until I tell you to.
I don't think I can fit another one in me, im just too full!
Just because she sticks her head in my crotch doesn't mean you can, too.
Well, I like it both ways!
they should put rubbers on those things
thats what she said.
You know how that thing pops up? It was very little.
I can't get it to go in, I don't know what to do.
do you need help laying that pipe? Or can you get it in there?
Man this stick is stiff
thats the thickest I've ever seen it.
Here put it in my hands and ill lick it from the bottom for you
Pump with your right hand and then slowly add in your left.
Let me know if that's blowing too hard.
It's too small, it keeps sliding out of place!
What are you supposed to do with something that little?
Dillan, you squirted it on me! I'm wet!
I don't care how you get it in there, just do it!
It was just so beautiful, and big, and perfect.
we only put hard things in our mouth
Shake it hard, that way it'll all come out
I yanked on it really hard, but it wouldn't go up.
Grrr! This thing needs to be a lot bigger!!!
Pull it out! Pull it out!
I think I cant swallow it anymore.
Oh, I thought it would be longer.
Hot N Cold
I cant get my fingers in there it's too tight!
We've been at it for hours! Can't we just rest?!
You cannot fit that WHOLE thing in your mouth
This thing is so tiny! How do I make it bigger?
Ive been pounding that into him for the last year and a half.
How did you do it?
just grab it and shove it up there
Just sit on it, pull it and it should release.
That guy had a huge load.
You went in the out door! Not allowed!
Its a little stiff, but I can manage
Hey! I can't find the other ball, there is only one here
It's big, it's slow and it's gonna be long.
it's too thick. I just keep sucking and I'm getting dizzy from it.
I just need to stuff something in my mouth to keep me satisfied.
It goes to sleep if I don't touch it for too long.
How do you do this?!
Ugh! I can't find it!
Looks like I'm going to be riding this one. It looks pretty big, but I think I can handle it.
Holy fuck, why is this so hard?
Can you go a little deeper?
hey is that a grande? I paid for a grande but it doesn't feel like a grande.
You stuck it WHERE?
Wow, you can spread them.
Just stick that wherever it fits, there's gotta be a big enough hole somewhere.
This game is called positions. You'll need a partner.
omg I'm so wet!
Oh god! There's a hole here too!!
You are not permitted to do that.
Let me get wet real quick.
Honey, I don't think this is going to fit!
oh, two guys are coming, this is going to be a real treat.
Everyone squirted a little in mine.
There's too much of it, it wont all go in at once.
Why does it get all wet like that?
Why do I even keep trying? This thing is bigger than I am. Screw it.
Wow, you suck a lot! You suck more than I do!
Whoa, that's a long one.
It's too big, it won't fit.
Yeah, they're slick when they don't have anything on them.
wow I didn't expect it to be that big
It was coming at my face!
Whoa I didnt know it would come out that fast.
Oh my god it's too much i can barely swallow.
I was okay, then I just started getting all wet and I didn't really like the feeling of it
I have a muffin downstairs.
Don't expect me to keep sucking on it before i swallow!
I wanted cherry
Guess we'll just have to play with it and see what comes out
I'm sorry I was riding you so hard.
you just slide it in and that's it
I knew you were coming, but I didn't know you were going to do THAT!
I'll start slow and increase my performance.
Aww man, now i've got a huge stain on my shirt from a big old piece of wood.
come one man, two straight days will wear a girl out!!
if their toes didn't curl you didn't do it right
This is gonna be good! I can already feel it!
You have to use two fingers.
Wow! That's really long!
My hand's getting kinda tired. Does anyone else wanna beat this?
oops, is that ok?
You need to quit sticking your fingers in things.
WOW! That one is so big it makes we want it even more!
When you push it down, it's supposed to rise back up.
wow! its amazing how fast it exploded!
It's so slippery, I can't get a good grip on it.
Honey, do you want pink or brown?
oh sorry it was so little I didn't even notice it
If you only do easy ones, then you'll be screwed when you come across a hard one.
I love the taste, but it's just too big to fit in my mouth!
some people do it different ways , some use there hands and go rough and some just don't care and go easy.
There's two sizes of holes and it will only fit in the one. Make sure you get it right!
Wow, it's so big! I can't even open my mouth wide enough to fit the whole thing in!
dont push it too hard, it'll bleed.
yes I don't understand.
omg! we're soo wet!
This is so awesome i have three instruments playing in my box at once.
What if it gets stuck in there?
it might pop in your hand.
He can't get it in! His hand is shaking too much!
I keep sucking but it's not coming!
Hey can you pull it out so I can go down?
You know, from what I hear, they don't really suck. They blow.
Your noodle just squirted up into me!
Uhh! I have to suck so hard!
How many BJ's do you need?!
The Price is Right
It doesn't matter what color they are, they all taste the same.
Most of the time I can control, it but today it just came out
Did it taste better when it was wet?
I can't do it, it hurts!
Do you have an extra G-string?
Make sure to get it in there quick.
It's too big!
As soon as I pulled it out I found the other hole.
These things are great, you just slide it up and down on the bar, but you have to make sure it's sticky. Not too sticky because then it doesn't budge but if it is too loose it just slides up and down with no control!
You'll Be There
It wasn't as big as I thought it'd be.
just put it in and it will be all downhill from here
There's no way I can vault over that!
Get that white stuff out of my ear!
its always so sticky and hard to get out of your hair.
If the legs aren't straight it's going to go in crooked.
It's very sensitive, use your finger.
C'mon, you said you'd do it!
I was gonna blow that!
Dang it all! It's supposed to be hard, not soft!
I wanna blow next!
Try not to get so soft too fast.
its not long. It won't take you a lot of time
I can't take it, its too long!
NOOOO, you went in too deep.
have a look in the crack and see if you can see anything white
He's so big, let the poor guy in. It???s probably already hard.
This is the hardest thing I have ever sat on.
If you poke me with that thing one more time I'm gonna break it off.
I thought it would be bigger than that.
Put it back in, it's still moist in the middle.
I love BJ's.
Pull it out, pull it out!
Oh no, it's leaking white stuff.
Hey we need some soccer balls.
Whoa! Looks like something big went down here.
That's huge, I bet it hurt!
This is way to much meat for me.
what part of our relationship makes you think you can go in there.
wow you stretched me so good.
Just hold the two balls in your hand before doing anything else with them
it only gets hard when it hits me in the face.
Donations accepted in the rear
Shew, I wish a ride could get me wet for once.
Jaysus u ripped the shit outa that hole!
Just so you know, I'm going to choke this down for you.
It's huge! It's like this long, and that big around.
I can't get it back in the hole!
Boy, the next time you come inside, you better have a good reason.
Wow, it shriveled up quickly.
Hurry up and put more in your mouth. You'll never finish in time at that rate.
Its funny Im taller than Rob Zombie
How do you eat pumpkin seeds? Do you bake them with seasoning first?
Yeah, everything on that boy is oversized.
When I kissed him, it got a little bigger.
How come mine isn't big enough?
He put that thing in my face, and I can still taste it in my mouth!
You can put it in either one, but make sure you don't squish my buns.
You're going to have to pull out before I can get in there.
Oh my goodness, that's enormous. It's almost the size and weight of the phone.
I just like to sit there and suck on them
Do I have any nuts in my teeth?
For example, life is highway, and I'm gonna ride it all night long.
More wood! You all need to get more wood!
There should be a big black one in there.
He just shoved his head in between my legs!
Need You Now
Mmmm it's so juicy.
Take that out of your mouth! I'm supposed to do that, remember?
It got stuck in the crack!
I'm not putting that in my mouth, it's way too hot.
Come over here and I'll show you how to put this thing in.
how long do we keep it there.
I have to keep this in and around my mouth at all times.
I'm tired and irritated of being in the same position!
Don't worry I'll grab your meat.
Dude, you just blew it all over my face.
You have to wait for it to get hard first!
I liked the big balls better.
It looks pretty huge and well-used.
Hi, I need some caulk.
make sure to lick your reeds to keep them nice and wet.
Nah, I think he can squeeze it in.
Its too tight i cant get in.
It won't come out!
Wow that was pretty good, but i bet you can't do it twice in a row.
you have to squeeze it before you put it in.
Wow! That's even bigger than I thought!
just put it in the back of your throat and don't think about it.
Aim for the Mouth!
I'm going to put my mouth on it and suck it dry.
I don't care as long as it's fun to play with.
This gives your arm a workout!
it was too big, and had too much cream.
So You Think You Can Dance,
It just squirted at me!
It's not huge, but it's big enough.
Yeah, she gets off really easily.
It felt like it was 8 and it was really 6, and it is so dark!
When we get done with the little one, were gonna do the big one.
How'd that white stuff get all over your pants?
Let me pull out so you can get in.
I'd much rather get my fingers sticky than my mouth.
Oh it feels so good, you just insert here and squeeze.
That just kind of squirted out there, didn't it!
I'm so mad! I haven't done it for so long and then I fell asleep!
It's still coming, and it's going keep coming for a while.
Yeah, he was trying to get all deep with me, and he just kept plugging away at but it wasn't working.
Messed up the entry there. Sorry, let's try that again.
I think the main problem is I use my hand so much it doesn't get a break.
It hurts when you squeeze me there.
Get that thing out of there.
Yeah, you know I have the biggest mouth in the whole school.
I got my kness all dirty for nothing!
I don't even know who I should go to...a bone doctor?
I squeezed one of them too hard and it went up my nose.
You get the front and i'll get the back.
oh my knees hurt, can you remind me not to kneel next time?
You have to lick it and then blow it.
Now I'm all wet.
that was the worst seven seconds of my life.
Are you a vegetarian?
Oh, it's moist, just the way I like it
Man that was so fun! I learned so much and felt so good. I was hoping that it wouldn't end even though it was so long.
It's hard for you to slide into small spaces.
Ow that hurt! But it was fun so i'm going to do it again!
I want to do some laundry.
be careful, it's all wet and slippery.
Wait, why is it all over my face and not all over yours?
this is the longest problem ever!
Oh that got bigger than I thought
That's it, I give up. It was fun at first but then it just got harder and harder, and I kept falling off it.
it's too big, I can't receive it.
I could get this in! I could get this in! I just need to squeeze it tight and push it in quickly.
Oh come on!! If it's really tiny, we'll just ride it twice!
I'm squeezing it but nothing's coming out on me
It was so hard my lips were swollen.
It's so big!
Oh, yeah, it's the blackest one I've ever seen and it lasts a really long time.
It got everywhere but my mouth
Everybody in the hole!
I like how the balls feel in my hand.
I'm suprised that nut lasted that long, with it being finger tight.
Well at least we'll both go down together!
Dude, why'd you just stop randomly?
It tastes better than it smells
The dentist said I should just massage it nice and easy to make it feel harder.
I worked that hard getting it in, I'm not taking it out.
anything that will fit in this hole.
Put this in. You'll like it.
It tastes better if you lick it off the top
I love putting things in my feels good!
I can feel it going down my throat.
This is going to be a big one! Here it comes!
Thanks for letting me know you were coming inside!
Just tell me if you get too wet, okay?
Whip it out and hand it to me.
there used to be a bush there, but it's not there anymore.
Sure, when do you wanna do it?
hmm it's long, black, and thick.
When it's finished, where does it come out from?
Oh this popped out, do I just put it back in?
Do I still have white stuff on my face?
Eww! What is that nasty white stuff?!
Man, I could honk on this thing all day!
I like the big ones
Eww there's fur in my mouth.
its not as big once you get it in your mouth.
easier to put in than take out.
it's not that hard, we just haven't done it in a while
Oh yeah, I love some meat in the morning.
Knead it first, then you gotta suqeeze to get the white stuff out
it'll go down by itself, no need for you to stick your fingers down there
It's sooo cute when you nibble it softly like that!
Turn me on and try me!
something about it being ultra thick just makes it that much more filling.
omg! were soo wet!
be gentle now you don't wanna strain yourself
You guys just keep coming.
simply start at the base of the rump, rubbing your way out, and follow it to it's natural conclusion.
like he only came round for an hour and a half today but he still came
Oh my god! I love the taste of this!
This is great. It's one quick gulp then you're ready for another.
it is a little tight but your small so you could fit.
I need another six inches.
My favorite way to have these is to suck on them one at a time.
Boy, I sure hope that tastes better than it smells.
Stop playing with it and eat it already!
Whoa, he pulled out without warning!
...when it's thicker, it's usually shorter!
It's too dry to fit down my throat.
Nope that does go in there. No, not in there either. Keep trying Charles, you can do it!
Ughh I'm tired of putting them in just to pull them out! You do it!
At least give me some warning before you come in!
Look at how full my box is, I can barely get my hand in it.
Pull it out a little bit, it's in too far.
If one of you starts squirting that thing around, this is going to get serious.
I'm sucking hard but it's not coming up.
Whats that?
It's so small, but it's so fun and nice to play with!
Get that thing out of your mouth!
hit that crack and it should go in the hole
Stick the narrower part in first, it goes in easier that way.
I don't like the thick ones. I can't hold on to them if they're too thick.
It's ok, I just want your meat.
going down now.
put it in the wrong hole
Bro, your jeeps pretty filthy
I thought they were supposed to be bigger
Oh sorry! I just blew in your face!
I HATE it! He just came out of nowhere!
Did it go in?
Are you done in that hole?
it's a white anaconda!
I could do this for hours!
you do know I'm faking it right
Aww, Daniel, I told you you should have put it in more!
Its harder to keep in when its thin. It just keeps falling out.
Maybe we should try something horny.
You're sticking it in the wrong hole!
You just get a little in your mouth, and be sure to blow really hard.
I'm waiting for you to go down, I don't care how long it takes I got all day.
I like doing the big ones.
can u put that thingy down?
I don't want to put that in my body
That's okay I like mine tight.
SORRY! I didn't even know you were in there!
I don't think I can swallow this.
Just stick it in...Not there! Not there!
It was long, and had a gigantic head.
Alright, I'm going to need one of you manly men to put some wood in for me.
I can make it wetter if you want.
just grab one and put it in your mouth, but be careful, it'll drip.
hey man, you making my holes bigger?
okay i have to stop this my fingers are getting numb.
We can't fill 'er up because our hose isn't long enough.
I can't get it in there!
Well yeah, big things are more fun.
Hot damn that hurt, but it was a good hurt. I broke a sweat. A major sweat.
Wow, I didn't know they came that small.
Come on, we have to go!
Get your finger out of my muffin!
Oh wait this is too small. I want it bigger.
Okay, wrap it up and put it in.
Oh no, it's all wet...crap it penetrated through!
I think I'd know if something went down my throat or not!
It's too big for my mouth.
It's stuck! Help me get it out!
aww, man! the cap broke off! now it's spraying everywhere!
Oh I don't want to do this one, it's too long.
I like where you're head's at.
anything penetrating yet?
I got blessed with Glenn's... so long!
Wait, let him slide in first
hey stop putting your finger in there!
I'm going to get my vibrator and go to bed!
I hated it, I don't like people in my mouth
Man, I hate reaching down there and not finding anything.
I'm not blowing anything!
It's like I can't breathe without you inside of me.
It's sore when I touch it and when you touch it
So that's why I'm not getting any.
Oh good, I finally get to go down.
i was gonna shove it back in but i was afraid i would get electrocuted!!!
Don't hug him, you'll just get all wet.
just stick them in any of the holes!
UGH mine won't fit
Just stick it in there, fill it up, and pull it back out.
Hey can I use your Ipad?
It squirted all over my face and hands!
I'm going to finish this sausage....yummy.
Alright, I will try my hardest to come.
Yeah, I thought it was gonna be a little long, but it was actually kinda short. It fit perfectly.
Come on! come on! Faster faster! Harder Harder! Come on you can do it!
It's wide open for you, just the way you like it!
Well, I heard you say my name so I came as fast as I could.
These are so much bigger than the ones from last time!
It was unusually long in my mouth.
This is really hard to swallow.
It tasted good, but it had a bad after taste.
Okay, well, I'll still take it. Just make sure you put it in my box tonight.
It's so hard, I cant do it anymore!
Just stick it wherever it will fit.
Whoa, wait a second. How on earth did that get in there?
Look, my lord, it comes! was mostly oral.
Keep going
deeper, go deeper! deeper!
Whack it as hard as you can.
that hole wasn't that big!
Do you need any help getting it up? Wait...
Man! I'm sure going to get a big load today!
This is the farthest I've ever gone!
Please do not ride me
I can't stretch it over the thingy!
it hurts, but its a good hurt.
make sure you bend your knees and grip it tight or we won't get anywhere
i almost had that in my face
I was just happy I got him in there!
You got it in my eyes! They were open and now they're all wet!
I know. You're not supposed to rub off on me.
Dammit it fell out.
I don't understand why it gets so big.
You can try and stick it in there but its going to get really tight.
it's all slimy cause I was sucking on it.
You're going to have to take it out and turn it around then then put it back in because it's too big and wet
I took yours out earlier because it was so small.
Can you tell me if it's coming any time soon? Because this is ridiculous!
High five, you made it in!
it won't work!!
It's so sticky.
Oh my gosh, this thing is too little, I can't get it off!
man I hope that thing doesn't infect me I don't want to get a shot!
Okay, but you can't have my cherry.
Mmmmmm, it's salty.
Mmmmmm, wonderful and wet! I really needed that.
do you know how messy it will get if we do that in the tent?
Ya i whacked those balls so hard!
Dang, I felt that one go in.
Ouh, that's a honker. ...Yeah, wow you've really got a honker.
Wow, that was a pretty big blast
wow, you are done already...?
you didn't let me finish!
Careful, its real slippery in there
Is it going to get bigger?
Yeah whenever you stuff it too much, it rips.
I can't believe it's so tiny.
It's bigger than yours right?
Ughh, I hate those big black balls!
Don't you dare blow on me!
Art thou coming?
Why don't you just come at the same time as me?
How do you caulk it, because my husband nailed it but it wasn't filled.
I wish you would finish already.
That head is really small.
Tweedeley dee, tweedeley dum, look out baby cause here I come.
Well that looks like a mouthful.
Almost done, only two more holes left!
It's practically in my's in my mouth!
The Nut went down the wrong pipe
It wouldn't fit in the hole
its so small and skinny and it has no juice.
no, it's just bigger than what I'm used to.
get me one!
Come in the other way, and you've gotta stay in!
Hurry up and come inside.
I nearly had that in my cleavage!
i like licking that off first
There is one more to do, but it is really short.
I wanted to take a picture but I made it too big.
Oh sorry, that just fell out my box.
I can't stop it when you're going so hard!
It seemed like it would be easy to do, but it was just so hard! And after all that he didn't even like what I did so I had to do it again!
No, because it will take me longer than you to finish.
There's no way I can fit all of this in my mouth!
Hey, get out of my bush!
Did I say you could take that out?
Oh my God! It keeps on coming!
Aww, I just needed two more inches.
Come on! Let's get it in!
Get your hand outta the hole!
That's the biggest shot I've ever taken.
Well...I yelled at her. Then I got her wet.
It's so wet down here.
So what level are you going on?
Wanna taste my Fazoozle?
It should only take 15 minutes to change sets. They're running late
it went right in my mouth! ew ew ew.
Maybe you can get it in, but it'll be a tight fit.
captain, we've got a breach in the lower level!
Its not gonna fit, its oversized
Stop it, you're making me all wet!
my hands hurt can we take a break.
No, no! Don't take it out! It wont go back in!
ughh it hurts when I swallow
Aw, it fell out of my mouth.
I had to press it really hard so the sticky stuff would come out.
dangit, it fell out. I can't get it back in.
Push it in harder, it'll probably go in far enough.
It's hard to do it standing up.
It took 4 of us to get it back up.
How about these?
I don't want to get my legs all wet before I get it in!
Ahh, I got juice all over me!
Well if we go down, we go down together.
This one looks like a smally one, but a fun one.
Is it going to be very long?
Fits perfectly in your hands and in your life.
to-go bag
it comes in spurts.
I really love it, but I'll have to work my way around the nuts
wow, look how long that guy is.
Hold it gently...Your shoving it in too hard!
Whoa, I made it bigger!
What happens if I do this?
you have to go hard at it for 30 seconds
It hurts when I put it in and out.
but if I lean over, everyone will see them.
Don't worry it's hard at first, but the more you do it the more you get used to it
Come on, just get it in the hole! Its not even that hard!
It looks funny, but it feels really good
...their mouths stretched in passion.
I choked before I even put it in my mouth.
You sure you know where to put it in?
Yeah, it's gonna be never ending. The company is fine. It's my butt that can't take it.
Hey look it fits in the crack!
Ugh, why does it keep slipping out?
I like it both ways.
Stop tugging on that or it will crack!
This is confusing, and it's taking too long!
...there's one in the front and one in the back.
I probably look funny doing it, but it's a great workout.
My arm is so feels like its about to fall off.
I'm getting double meat.
It's still not very big
What happened to the rubber?
It's so hard, it's become a part of me
I hate how he always puts it in at the wrong time.
Wow, this thing is longer than I thought it was. We could jump rope with it!
That's the longest ride I've ever had!
ok you can pull out now
Just keep pushing, it'll come.
I'll give you some cream
Spread it out so i can see it better.
Don't let it drip on the floor. Rub it on your hands
Man you're just too fast for me.
i'm still waiting for it to go in
really into me.
ha you cant fit it in
but then it'd be all dry and you couldn't spread it!
you look exhausted how many of those did you take?
Just getting it in correctly is half the battle!