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Educational implementation of BWT and FM-index

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This repository contains educational implementations of Burrows-Wheeler Tranformation and Ferragina-Manzini index.

The implementations are fully commented and the main goal is to provide clear implementations of BWT and FM-index.

Speed is considered secondary although there are different implementations with different algorithmic complexity.

Related Papers

  • Burrows M and Wheeler D (1994), "A block sorting lossless data compression algorithm"
  • Ferragina P and Manzini G (2000), "Opportunistic data structures with applications"
  • Ferragina P and Manzini G (2001), "An experimental study of an opportunistic index"
  • Ferragina P and Manzini G (2005), "Indexing compressed text"
  • Ferragina P and Manzini G (2001), "An experimental study of a compressed index"
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