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Updated the URI to match the current kasabi hosting

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@@ -519,7 +519,8 @@ \subsubsection*{Linking out to Bio2RDF}
\subsubsection*{Linking out to ChemSpider}
-ChemSpider~\cite{Pence2010} is a freely accessible, online database provided by RSC. It contains over 26 million unique
+ChemSpider~\cite{Pence2010} is a freely accessible, online database provided by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).
+It contains over 26 million unique
chemical compounds aggregated from over 400 data sources as well as chemical data extracted
from RSC scientific articles and databases. Since its inception, efforts have been made to
utilize it as both a deposition platform for the community to contribute novel data, as
@@ -594,7 +595,7 @@ \subsection*{Bio2RDF}
local machine, e.g. \url{http://localhost:8080/chembl/}, then a request for the
article with identifier ``a31863'', \url{http://localhost:8080/-chembl/article/a31863},
will be resolved from the database using the full original URI,
-\url{}. If the
+\url{}. If the
user requested an RDF document using content negotiation, the original URIs will be unchanged,
however, if the user requested an HTML document, the results will contain both the
original RDF triples, represented using RDFa, with links that resolve using the users local machine.

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