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Open JavaDoc Check

Project where I plan to write an Open Source DocCheck alternative.

Example output:


I keep not finding an Open alternative for DocCheck. And how hard can it be to write one myself?


2009-2010 Egon Willighagen <>
2009 Rajarshi Guha <> 2010 Charles Shelton <>


This project license it source code as:

New BSD (see

Third party Licenses

  • OpenJDK JavaDoc 1.5 API

The jar binaries in the com.github.ojdcheck/jar folder are copied from the Ubuntu openjdk package, license GPL v2. This library does not depend on openjdk to run, but on the JavaDoc 1.5 APIs it defines instead, which are used upon compile time.

  • Jazzy

Jazzy is an LGPL spell checker, see


  1. Open the com.github.ojdcheck project in Eclipse and build.
  2. cd com.github.ojdcheck

In that directory you can give the code a test run:

javadoc -doclet com.github.ojdcheck.OpenJavaDocCheck
-docletpath bin -sourcepath src com.github.ojdcheck

The Doclet has several options. One is used to set the location of the output file, a second to give a comma-separated list of custom tests (implementing ICheckDocTest). For example:

javadoc -file report.xml
-tests com.github.ojdcheck.test.FooMethodTest -doclet com.github.ojdcheck.OpenJavaDocCheck -docletpath bin -sourcepath src com.github.ojdcheck

The third option is to control the output type, and you can use -xml and -xhtml. A fourth option, -customonly, will only use the tests passed with the -tests command.

Creating Help Pages

It is possible for each test to define a URL to point a HTML page with further explanation around the unit test. Future versions may provide an API to provide examples that cause the test to fail.

There is a helper program to create such a help page:

CLASSPATH=com.github.ojdcheck/jar/openjdk.javadoc.jar:com.github.ojdcheck/ \ java ojdcheck.tests.html


Jazzy is an LGPL spell checker. The OpenJavaDocCheck test developed for it is LGPL too, and found in the com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy project.

  1. Open the com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy project in Eclipse and build.

Taking advantage of the in the How-To explained example javadoc command lines, you can use this test with:

javadoc -doclet com.github.ojdcheck.OpenJavaDocCheck
-docletpath com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy/jar/jazzy-core.jar -docletpath com.github.ojdcheck/bin -docletpath com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy/bin -customonly -tests com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy.SpellCheckerTest -sourcepath com.github.ojdcheck/src com.github.ojdcheck

Currently, it uses the dictionaries from WinEdt as distributed with Jazzy (see english.txt):

"The dictionary files that accompany this file were adapted from the WinEdt English_US and English_UK dictionaries by Patrick Daly. The original two dictionaries were compiled by Aleksander Simonic (author of WinEdt) from public domain dictionaries packaged with the amSpell spellchecker (by Erik Frambach. e-mail:

The dictionaries are included with Jazzy with permission from Patrick and Aleksander."

Additional dictionaries can be added using the -ojdcparam option of the OpenJavaDocCheck doclet. The parameter to set is jazzy.dict, and the dictionary needs to be available on the classpath. The following example uses the demo dictionary chemistry.dict in the dicts/ folder in this repository:

javadoc -doclet com.github.ojdcheck.OpenJavaDocCheck
-docletpath com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy/jar/jazzy-core.jar -docletpath com.github.ojdcheck/bin -docletpath com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy/bin -docletpath dicts/ -ojdcparam jazzy.dict=chemistry.dict -customonly -tests com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy.SpellCheckerTest -sourcepath com.github.ojdcheck/src com.github.ojdcheck

The jazzy.dict parameter takes a ':' separated list of dictionaries.

Building with Ant

  1. ant clean jar
  2. ant -f build-jazzy.xml clean jar

Then you can run the Doclet with:

export CLASSPATH=ojdcheck.jar:ojdcheck-jazzy.jar javadoc -doclet com.github.ojdcheck.OpenJavaDocCheck

-customonly -tests com.github.ojdcheck.jazzy.SpellCheckerTest -sourcepath com.github.ojdcheck/src com.github.ojdcheck
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