Run ExtJS4 data models on Node.js
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Run ExtJS4 data models in Node.js

This node.js module is providing support for using ExtJS4 data models on server-side.


I cannot redistribute ExtJS with this module, so you will not be able to install it from npm repository directly

However, installation via npm is easily done manually:

  1. Download ExtJS from
  2. Extract it
  3. Copy contents of src/ into lib/Ext/ in here
  4. npm install .


Basically, all it takes is require('extjs'). Warning: a common mistake is to do Ext=require('extjs'). Don't.

See also test/ folder for usage examples (you'll need nodeunit to run them).


If you get an error complaining about proxy module not found - create an empty file, like proxy/rest.js. Yes, it's a hack. Blame me.


I have a basic support for node-mysql here, however it's not elegant in the ExtJS world (i.e. it's not a Reader/Writer), so not yet published. Any suggestions regarding that? I'm all ears!



This implementation is basically taken from n-ext, which is another module for server-side usage of ExtJS. My implementation is a tiny bit lighter.


  • Alexey Torkhov


Do whatever you want with software as long as you are in compliance with ExtJS license.

Also I redistribute a part of Ext Core with this package: a bit stripped version of Ext-more.js. A significant piece of browser-related code is removed from it.


Egor Egorov