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Django admin extension for reporting spam to CloudFlare
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This package makes it easy for Django sites running behind CloudFlare to report spam comments through the Django Admin Interface.

This has only been tested with the standard Django comments framework.

Two modules are included:

  • middleware: adjusts the request metadata so Django uses the end-user's IP address and not CloudFlare's
  • admin: adds a Report spam to CloudFlare action to the Django Administration Interface for Comments


I'm assuming below that you drop this directly into a 'cloudflare' directory in your project. I know this isn't really cool and will (maybe) take a look at packaging this better later.

Adjust your project's as follows:

  1. Add the middleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES:

        # ...
        'yourproject.cloudflare.middleware.CFMiddleware', # <- This is it!
  2. Add cloudflare to your INSTALLED_APPS:

        # ...
        'yourproject.cloudflare' # <- This is it!
  3. Add your CloudFlare account credentials

    # CloudFlare credentials for reporting spam
    CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY = '08c64e15db52f0e9b4fe3418e44c0b4c6dbba9334'

I'm also assuming you have a logger configured at the project level and am hooking into that.


  1. Review comments in the Django Admin Interface.
  2. Checkmark the ones you want to report to CloudFlare.
  3. Select the Report spam to CloudFlare action and click Go.
  4. If successful, a message will flash indicating which comments have been reported (by ID).
  5. You can then proceed to delete or remove these using the standard comments actions.
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