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django-piston was originally written by Jesper Noehr, but since
its release, many people have contributed invaluable feedback and patches:
Alberto Donato provided a fix for #26, contributed #35, #37 and #38
Matthew Marshall provided fixes for #25 and #24
Pete Karl reported #20
Travis Jensen provided a fix for #24
Benoit Chesneau provided some mimetype helpers
Adam Lowry fixed a bug with the callmap construct
Benjamin Pollack provided an ez_setup fix and more
Seph Soliman for fixing a bug with AnonymousBaseHandler
David Larlet for suggesting several improvements and including Piston in ROA
Xavier Barbosa for improving QuerySet handling and providing Template URI code
Michael Richardson for contributing an improvement to form validation handling
Brian McMurray for contributing a patch for #41
James Emerton for making the OAuth parts more usable/friendly
Anton Tsigularov for providing a patch for incorrect multipart detection
Remco Wendt for fixing up the example blog server to conform with 0.2.2, et. al
Benoit Garret for providing a fix for oauth headers, issue #56
Stephan Preeker for providing some fixes to documentation generation
Taavi Taijala for alarming us to the dangers of arbitrary unpickling
Joe Stump for testing and contributing the OAuth bits
Mike Malone for giving a presentation on Piston, and fixing our throttler :-)
Didier Deshommes for contributing a fix for #58
Alexander Ljungberg for fixing a bug in the default behavior of `update`
Gareth Rushgrove for plugging a hole in the JSON callback facility
Matt Cordes for expanding on the rc.* facilities
Rock Howard for improving form validation behavior
Jim Robert for contributing a fix for #117
Emanuele Rocca for improving error handling