It generates "todo" list from your FreeMind mindmap
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Installation and using

Installation: npm install -g freemind-todo

Using: freemind-todo or just freemind-todo from the directory with

What's it?

40 secs video:

FreeMind TODO - Trello-like TODO list for FreeMind

It's a very simple TODO-generator from super complex (in my case more than 800 nodes) mind maps.

The next text - is just a video description from YouTube. You can don't read it :-)

The satellite program for FreeMind from 2016. When Trello or Coggle is not enough but still need something simple.

What should I do today? What's more interesting for me today? What would I like to do? It's not a simple TODO list (like in Trello) - some tasks we can to do in parallel and some tasks - only sequentially. For instance, we can simply learn a second language and web-development in parallel. But some things we can do only sequentially. For instance, we can wash dishes only after a lunch :-)

So we need a simple way to organize it.

The other problem is that's hard to keep your progress if today you want to do web development, tomorrow - learn language and yesterday you just wanted to cook something new.

And the last problem that I try to solve is: where to keep simple your bookmarks to not forget it in the future?

I think, the most simple way for storing information, keeping progress and so forth - is using a simple mind maps maker. So this utility tries to help you in doing this.