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You need a standalone ruby interpreter. Automatic download/update of bundles is handled by a ruby script. It's fine to have a vim without ruby support.

Installation is performed by user, and not system-wide. Your old .vim/ and .vimrc files are saved as ~/.$file-name.%date%.old . To install, simple input this commands:

$ git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
$ cd ~/.dotfiles
$ ./

And you're done! You may wanna edit your ~/.vimrc or ~/.vimrc-keymaps , but i've already provided it with sensible defaults ;)

Managing plugins/bundles

This is a modern vim, you know? This means that that horrible mess sitting in your .vim/ folder is not there anymore. Each plugin (i like to call it bundles) resides in it own container, inside bundle/bundle-name. Nice isn't?

A helper is included to manage bundles and stay them always updated. This is provided by the useful ruby script vim-update-bundles, which works with git repositories. A mirror is provided to all plugins in, so you can use all plugins from without further problems.

Overwrite defaults per project

You can customize properties such as smarttabs, tabstop, etc. in each of your projects. Just drop your customized .local.vimrc file in your project root directory (or better make a symlink) and vim will load your new properties. As simple as it sounds!

I provided a sample called local.php.vimrc suited for Symfony2 projects.

For more info visit vim-localrc page

How do I install new bundles?

First, you need to make sure that the bundle you want is in a git repository. Try to find your plugin/bundle here.

Now, open your vimrc and add the following line

# Bundle http://path-to-the-git-repository

And now run :UpdateBundles inside vim.

Read the vim-update-bundles linked above to more detailed syntax.

How do I remove a bundle ?

Open your vimrc and remove the specific bundle line. Run :UpdateBundles again, and you're done :)

What about updating my bundles ?

Just run :UpdateBundles inside vim.

How do i know what bundles/versions are installed?

:help bundles