EgyptianGeeks group posts dump from Facebook graph API, pulling as much data as we can
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A repository that includes all EgyptianGeeks group posts.


The purpose of this repository is to have the graph API dump for EgyptianGeeks group without any post-processing, also the download script can run on any group specified in the environment file .env, so a fork can be done for any other group.


  • posts/ : all posts in YAML format, dumped from facebook graph API
  • download : a ruby script that download group posts to posts/


  • Ruby 2.5.0
  • Facebook application


  • Install dependencies

    bundle install
  • Create a facebook application

  • Copy .env.sample to .env

    cp .env.sample .env
  • Set variables values in .env

  • Execute download at well

    env `cat .env` ./download

How it works

  • download will use your application id and secret to acquire application access token
  • the application access token will be used to get all posts in the group specified in .env
  • the script will get posts in batches of 100 post per page, with all likes and comments
  • for each post a file will be writen with the post object converted to YAML, file name is the post ID

Updating posts Directory

  • fork this repository
  • clone it to your machine
  • create a branch
  • run download script
  • keep it running for couple pages then kill it
  • commit all new posts
  • open a PR with your update

Using this download script for other groups

  • Fork this repository

  • Delete all files in posts

    rm posts/*
  • Put your group ID in .env

  • Run download script

  • Commit all your posts

    git add posts/
    git commit -m"group posts for <your group name>"
    git push origin master
  • To update the script in case you want to be up to date, create a branch in you repo pointing to this repo master, pull it and cherry-pick the commit you want to your branch.