An example application that shows how to integrate React, React Router, and with OAuth authentication
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This application shows how to integrate React, React Router, and with OAuth authentication. You can follow the tutorial to build this application or jump straight to the code.



  1. Register a new application on Github:
  2. Go to and enter the following information:
    • Application name: react_horizon (any name will do)
    • Homepage URL: https://localhost:8181 (or whatever your URL is, just remember the https part)
  3. When you register the application, the client ID, and client secret will be presented
  4. Copy this values to the config/index.js in the github_oauth_options object
  5. In this file, change token_secret for something else. This is the key used to sign the authentication tokens. You can change the project name and the port if you want


  1. Inside the cloned repository execute npm install to download dependencies
  2. Once install is completed execute npm run setup:init This will:
    1. Start RethinkDB: rethinkdb
    2. Import the schema and permission rules to RethinkDB server: hz schema apply -n react_horizon -c localhost:28015 ./config/rethinkdb/schema.toml (change the name of the project if you changed in the previous step and the connection URL if it is different for you)
    3. Create the self-signed certificate (hz create-cert) for SSL and move them to the config/tls directory: hz create-cert && mv *.pem config/tls (this command will create two files, horizon-cert.pem and horizon-key.pem which you can find in config/tls)
  3. Execute npm start to bundle the application and start the Node.js server
  4. Go to https://localhost:8181 (or whatever your URL is), log in with your Github account and start playing with the app.