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SearchMessage: A middleware for EFB


Middleware ID: catbaron.search_msg

SearchMessage is a middleware for EFB, to search message from the chat history.

SearchMessage 是用来搜索历史消息的中间件.

Usually, you may have trouble to search messages with Chinses key words in Telegram clients, thus here is the middleware could help you out.

由于 Telegram 对中文没有做分词,关键词搜索几乎不可用。所以写了个中间件用来搜索消息。

Be aware that this is a very early develop version. Please let me know if you found any problem.


You need to use SearchMessage on top of EFB. Please check the document and install EFB first.

请先装 EFB。


  • Python >=3.6
  • EFB >=2.0.0
  • peewee
  • PyYaml
  • python-dateutil


  • Install
pip install efb-search_msg-middleware
  • Register to EFB Following this document to edit the config file. The config file by default is ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/config.yaml. It should look like:

装完之后需要在 EFB 的配置文件注册一下中间件。默认在这 ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/config.yaml

master_channel: foo.demo_master
- foo.demo_slave
- bar.dummy
- foo.other_middlewares
- catbaron.search_msg

You only need to add the last line to your config file.


  • Config the middleware

这个中间件提供了一些选项。第一个基本上不用改。第二个是每次展示的搜索结果数量。改成 0 是没有限制。

The config file by default is $HOME/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/default/catbaron.search_msg/config.yaml. Please create the config file if thers is not one. Edit it as:

# The name of master channel
master: 'blueset.telegram'

# The max number of message the middleware would show you. 
# Set it to 0 for no limitation.
max_num: 15
  • Restart EFB.

How to use

The command:

\sr [key_word] [from:datetime] [to:datetime]

  • key_word: text without whitespace characters
  • datetime: Datetime string, such as 1989-6, 2008-8-8 12:0. Note that from: and to: are necessary and there should be no space in this argument. Messages of last 15 days will be searched by default.
  • key_word: 搜索用的关键字
  • datetime: 表示时间的字符串, 比如 1989-6, 或者 2008-8-8 12:0. from:to: 表示搜索的时间范围。注意所有参数内部都不要有空白字符。


  1. Sent command to a chat (直接发命令)
    • There should be at least one of the three arguments
    • 三个参数至少要有一个
  2. Reply the command to an message (回复一条消息)
    • Search message sent by the author of the replied message
    • 用来搜索某个人发出的消息
    • Some times the author is saved as None in the database, so it's not always reliable.
    • 因为有时候 EFB 会拿不到消息作者的信息,所以这个功能并不总是可靠。(下图里面拿到的就是 None)
  3. To locate the message in Telegram, you can: 如果你想在 Telegram 里面定位到某条消息,你可以在用关键字搜索到消息内容只后:
    • Search the full message in Telegram
    • 搜索消息全文
    • Search some segment of message splitted by non-chinese characters.
    • 搜索被符号隔开的部分
    • For instance, say you have a message 这是一条被空格分开 的消息, to locate this message, you coulde search the entire message, 这是一条被空格分开 or 的消息 in Telegram.
    • 比如你找到这条消息 这是一条被空格分开 的消息, 你可以再 Telegram 里面搜索整条消息多全文,或者搜索 这是一条被空格分开 或者 的消息.


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