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EFB Telegram Slave

EH Forwarder Bot is an extensible message tunneling chat bot framework.

It is sometimes useful if we have a Telegram slave channel for EFB. So there is one, primarily based on telethon.

Channel ID: sharzy.telegram


Install the latest version from GitHub (recommended because this project is not stable yet):

pip3 install git+

Install from PyPI:

pip3 install efb-telegram-slave

To make EFB work, you need to configure some master channel and some slave channels. For complete usage guide, refer to EFB user guide.


Run ehforwaderbot --profile <your-profile-name> to run an interactive guide to complete the configuration.

By default, configuration file is located in ~/.ehforwarderbot/profiles/<your-profile-name>/sharzy.telegram/config.yaml. The following is an exemplary configuration.

# you should apply for a pair of api_hash and api_id in
api_hash: 12349061a3e1383920c2e05c1830a774
api_id: 1234567

# in case you need a proxy to access telegram
  protocol: http  # http / socks5 / socks4
  host: localhost
  port: 1234

Features not supported yet

  1. Rich text
  2. Less used message types, such as Location
  3. Message edit and recall
  4. Send sticker as .webp
  5. Notification control


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